Creating the Difference 2022 - Wrapped

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Creating the Difference 2022 - Wrapped
By Dustin Zehner

2022 was a year of tremendous highs and lows for the bowling industry, with an array of unusual occurrences - topics like the hardness of bowling balls, oil absorption dynamics, and several balls being taken out of competitive play. It's safe to say that it will likely go down in history as one of the most bizarre years bowling has ever seen.

Creating the Difference was instrumental in assisting bowlers during this ever-changing period, providing them with insightful information and data.

2022 was a groundbreaking year for our company, and we are delighted to share some of the most noteworthy moments with you!


We are deeply appreciative for the loyalty of Creating the Difference Staff Members, who have been instrumental in helping us grow and thrive within the bowling industry. Thanks to their commitment, we've been able to introduce cutting-edge products and services that continue to revolutionize this sport. We can't thank Team CtD enough for their ongoing support!

Here are some stats for 2022:

  • We are thrilled to announce that our Total Staff has experienced the highest one-year growth in our history - a noteworthy 24%!
  • By taking advantage of their Staff discount on, our staff members managed to save a whopping $7,000!
  • Creating the Difference Staff members had two unique opportunities for Mystery Easter Egg Shipments

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As we keep expanding, our emphasis lies on the innovation behind each product that is launched. This year was no different; in 2022, CtD released 12 new products to help bowlers achieve better performance - a significant number considering the 3 products released in 2021. This past year allowed us to expand into new accessories like the CtD Mini Portable Fan and a tool that can tell you the surface on your bowling ball (CtD Ball Surface Scanner).

Looking to read more about our products launched in 2022? Just click on the product name below and you'll find yourself redirected to its dedicated blog. Check out all of the amazing items we released in 2022.

TruCut Hand Applied Polish Plus

CtD Bowling Backpack


3+1 Tournament Roller Bag

Mini Portable Fan

Scuff Mark Remover Ultra

CtD Surfacing Mitt

TruCut Bowling Ball Spinner

CtD Ball Surface Scanner


Level Up Remix

4000 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad


This year has been an incredible journey for us, providing ample opportunities to expand our product selection and educate bowlers on the sport. 

Take a look at some of our most impactful highlights from 2022:

  • Purchase of the CtD Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility in Tennessee
  • CtD employees increased by 57%
  • Continued partnerships with the PBA, TNBA, and Military Bowling Championships 
  • New partnership with True Amateur Tournament organization.
  • This year we launched more than 178 videos on YouTube, a 20% increase from last year. This is almost one new video every other day!

In short, 2022 was another amazing year for Creating the Difference. We appreciate everyone's support. Since our launch in 2015, we have had continued growth and are excited for the opportunities that 2023 has in store. 

Oh What The Future Holds.

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  • All of CtD’s accomplishments are amazing! I look forward to all of the future accomplishments that TeamCtD has in store! Keep up the great work!

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