CtD Launches TruCut 4000 Grit Sanding Pad

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TruCut Sanding Pads are made to cut bowling balls. Since 2018, TruCut products have set the industry standard for cutting bowling balls at the number listed on the pad. The pads come in the following grits: 80,120, 220, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, and P5000D. 

The 80, 120, and 220 grits are TruCut Resurfacing Pads which use a unique tearproof film backing and a Zirconia cutting material. The backing enables the product to handle the large amounts of bowling ball debris (aka slurry) and continue cutting. This allows for improved ease of use when resurfacing bowling balls. These pads have also been used on the ever popular urethane balls because they can provide a level of earlier hook that can be desired on urethane bowling balls.  

The TruCut 500,1000, 1500, 2000 grit sanding pads use a silicone carbide cutting material and have an open cell foam backing with a special webbing. The webbing allows the slurry to pass through the pad while using TruCut Conditioner. TruCut Conditioner increases the life of the sanding pad and improves the consistency of the cut. 

TruCut 3000 grit pad offers the same open cell foam backing but uses a tighter webbing for maximum durability and cutting ability. 

TruCut P5000D grit has the same tighter webbing as TruCut 3000 grit; however, it actually has 2 different grits sprayed on it. Because of this, you're able to achieve two different surface finishes depending how the pad is used. By hand, it leaves a 4000 grit finish. Used on a spinner, it leaves a 5000 grit finish.

The all-new TruCut 4000 grit pad features the same open cell foam technology as the other pads and uses silicon carbide as the cutting material. However, it is sprayed with only one grit.  This improves the longevity of the pad and allows us to create some repeatable in-between grit options. This is commonly called "skip sanding" when using multiple grits of TruCut Sanding Pads. To achieve the in-between surfaces, you must use TruCut Conditioner. Without TruCut Conditioner, the surface is not consistent enough to get the final grit desired.

To properly sand a bowling ball by hand watch this:

In addition to achieving a 4000 grit sanded finish, now you can also get some new grit combinations by following the instructions below:

3500 Grit Sanded - Continuous Shape Ball Motion

This combination is best used when you need some more hook in the oil; but, you don’t want the ball to read the lanes too early.  A 3500 grit can now be achieved using TruCut Conditioner, a 2000 grit sanding pad and a 4000 grit sanding pad using the following steps.

  • First, apply TruCut 2000 grit pad as the base grit with Trucut Conditioner
  • Follow it with TruCut 4000 Grit sanding pad.
  • Finally wipe the ball off with any CtD Bowling Ball Cleaner

Conversely if you use the 2000 grit pad followed by a P5000D pad, you will get a 3000 grit finish. This difference is because neither of the P5000D grits used on the pad are able to effectively change the surface created by the 2000 grit to a number higher than 3000.

When a ball is bowled over the course of several games, the surface of the ball will change. This change is called “Lane Shine” and the ball ends up around 4700 grit. We now have a way to replace this grit by hand.

Click here to learn more about Lane Shine.

4700 Grit Polished “Lane Shine” - Angular Shape Ball Motion

This grit combination is best used as a first out of the bag option, or when you need more hook downlane. It will allow you to be able to read the lanes, and tell you immediately if you need more surface on your bowling ball to increase the amount of hook.

A 4700 Grit can now be achieved using a 4000 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad, Trucut Conditioner, TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax, and a CtD Premium Polishing Pad.

Follow this process:

  • First, apply TruCut 4000 grit pad with TruCut Conditioner as the base grit
  • Follow it with TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax using a CtD Premium Polishing Pad
  • Finally wipe the ball off with any CtD Bowling Ball Cleaner

This grit combination will last the longest of any of the Trucut grits on the ball.



Watch this video to learn how to polish a bowling ball by hand.


What is the difference between 4000 grit and P5000D?

They both will leave a 4000 grit finish on the ball by hand. The 4000 grit pad will last longer and the P5000D will be able to leave a 5000 grit surface when used on a spinner.

What about the rest of the lower grits?

4000 grit is high enough that it won’t be able to consistently impact the lower grits. We do not recommend using TruCut 4000 grit with the lower grits of 1500 and lower TruCut Sanding Pads.

Can 4000 grit be used to shine a ball?

No. Currently, the only way to shine a ball with TruCut Sanding Pads is using a P5000D on a ball spinner or the TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax.

What if I don't use TruCut Conditioner?

If you don't use TruCut Conditioner, the cut is slightly less consistent. However, this slight inconsistency is enough that it can interfere with getting the desired final grit. It will also cause the pad to wear out faster. 

Is the TruCut 4000 grit pad available to CtD Regional Staff and the general public?

Yes, however currently this pad is only sold as a single pad in 5 inch. It is not available in any multi-packs. It is not an option when making a "Your Choice" pack. If 4000 grit is selected on a "Your Choice" pack, a P5000D pad will be sent.

When will TruCut 4000 grit be available in packs?

It should be available in Q2 2022. However, this is subject to change due to current supply chain and transportation issues. 

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