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Creating the Difference has a history of coming up with innovative products and then improving upon them over time.  In 2019, we introduced a bowling ball restoration product that worked like a detox. It was called The Clear Performance Accelerator.  This product was designed to improve total hook and revive old, dead bowling balls. In 2020, we made another product called Level Up which was a CtD staff exclusive. This product again focused on improving total hook in a bowling ball.  In 2021, that product was followed up by Level Up Remix which was available to everyone. These products continued to push the envelope in restoring or improving performance. 

As manufactured bowling balls have been forced to increase hardness, the performance of these newer bowling balls has begun to decrease; more specifically the backend hook is decreasing. We wanted to work on a solution to that problem and now have a new product called AMP'D or Angular Motion Performance Enhancer.  This product is designed to increase the backend hook of a bowling ball.  It features our proprietary additive Tackify; which is a liquid polymer that replaces Plasticizer found in reactive balls with a material that makes them perform more aggressively. AMP’D also has the chemical additive that allows the ball to resist dirt and scuff mark build up.  

AMP'D works in 4 powerful ways:

  1. It improves backend performance on all reactive bowling balls new or used.
  2. It helps slow down lane shine created by use.
  3. It helps resist dirt and grime sticking to the ball.
  4. It improves oil absorption in all reactive bowling balls… even in new balls.

This product is different from the past performance enhancing products that focused on total hook. AMP’D is all about adding backend performance. 

AMP'D is not a bowling ball cleaner.

It is a bowling ball soak which takes up to one hour to have maximum benefit.  It can be used multiple times and has no impact on bowling ball hardness or surface change.  Soaking your ball in AMP'D can cause phasing (lightening of the bowling ball). Here is a comparison of two balls showing the difference in phasing. The ball on the left has phasing (whitening) the ball on the right does not. 

Phasing is moisture mixing with the plasticizer, and absorbing into the coverstock of the bowling ball. This is harmless to the bowling ball, has no impact on performance, and in fact can happen when a ball is manufactured like the picture below or when a ball is exposed to extreme temperatures.  


The phasing will go away on its own with use in most cases.  If you want to remove phasing at any time simply spray the ball with That Wow Factor HM and wipe off.   You will remove the phasing; but, you will also remove the microscopic layer that helps keep dirt and oil from sticking to the ball. We would recommend following up after using That Wow Factor HM immediately with Life After Death bowling ball cleaner to restore that protective layer. You can also dip the ball back into the AMP’D product and wipe it off. Then follow it with Life After Death for even more protection and benefit.

One thing to note is that AMP’D is not required to be wiped off after each soaking treatment. Instead you can let it sit on the ball after you remove it and it will absorb into a reactive ball within 5 to 10 mins after removal.

Immediately after removal and 5 mins after removal

Just remember to follow it with Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner + Life Extender for best results.

AMP'D should be done in one hour increments to achieve the maximum effect. It enhances backend performance and doesn't create early hook.  AMP'D has the proprietary Tackify additive that is important for longevity and performance.

AMP'D increases oil absorption as the picture below shows. The ball on the left was not treated and the ball on the right was treated with AMP'D showing the increase in oil absorption.

AMP'D comes in two different kits basic and professional.

The AMP'D Basic kit contains

  • 1 Gallon of AMP'D
  • Specialty Size Bucket
  • Funnel
  • 4 oz That Wow Factor HM
  • 8 oz Life After Death 
  • 2 CtD Absorption Pads 

The AMP'D Complete Kit contains

  • 1 Gallon of AMP'D
  • Specialty Size Bucket
  • Funnel
  • CtD Ball Cup
  • CtD BAM Pad
  • 4 oz That Wow Factor HM
  • 8 oz Life After Death
  • 6 pack of 5" TruCut Sanding Pads (1 ea: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & P5000D)
  • TruCut Hand Applied Polish Starter Kit
  • 6 CtD Absorption Pads 

Before using AMP'D do any surface adjustments, sanding or polishing.


Step 1: Prepare your bowling ball with the desired surface using TruCut Sanding Pads or TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax.

Step 2: Clean the bowling ball using Life After Death, That Purple Stuff or That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner.

Step 3: Place your bowling ball into the supplied bucket with the thumb hole up (if you are a no thumb bowler, place the fingers up)

Step 4: Pour AMP’D slowly around the bowling ball until the liquid is an inch away from the thumb (or fingers).

Step 5: Wait one hour.

Step 6: Using a CtD Absorption Pad, remove any oil and dirt that may have come to the surface. Discard the absorption pad after use.

Step 7: Carefully remove the bowling ball from AMP’D and set it on a ball cup. DO NOT WIPE IT OFF.

Step 8: Wait 5-10 minutes for the ball to absorb the liquid.

If you do not mind the phasing, proceed to Step 9A.  If you want to remove the phasing proceed to Step 9B and Step 10.

Step 9A: Spray Life After Death on the bowling ball to add an extra layer of benefit and protection. Your process is complete!

Step 9B: Spray That Wow Factor HM on the surface to remove phasing. Repeat as needed. 

Step 10: Use Life After Death to restore the protective coating on your bowling ball. You can also dip the bowling ball back in AMP’D and wipe it off immediately after you take it out. Spray and wipe down with Life After Death. 


How long does AMP'D last?

The treatment will last about 50 games. If regularly cleaned with Life After Death, the treatment will last about 75-80 games.

Does AMP'D impact hardness?

No AMP'D doesn't impact hardness up or down.

How much backend performance is typical using AMP’D?

Our testing across different brands has shown an average increase of 3 to 5 boards in backend performance.

How is this product different from The Clear or Level Up Remix?

The Clear is more like a detox for your bowling ball. It works by restoring total hook to dead or worn out bowling balls.

Level Up Remix works by increasing midlane reaction which turns into total hook as well.

AMP'D is designed to increase backend reaction and not midlane. It can be used when more backend reaction is desired. It works on brand new bowling balls whether they are sanded or polished.

How Much AMP’D is absorbed by the ball in one hour?

A bowling ball will absorb around 0.066 lbs. This is not enough weight to notice or feel and AMP’D doesn’t impact grips, glue, or thumb inserts.  

Is the Tackify in AMP’D the same that is in Life After Death?

AMP’D features the same Tackify that is in Life After Death but in a higher concentration.

Will AMP'D work on a Solid, Pearl, or Hybrid bowling ball?

Yes. AMP'D will work on any reactive coverstock bowling ball and will improve backend performance on any surface.

Will AMP'D make my Traction (early hooking) bowling ball react like an Angular (late hooking) bowling ball?  

The change is noticeable in the backend part of the lane.  This would make a traction ball become more continuous in shape.

Can AMP’D be used for more than one hour?

Yes, but you should take the ball out and retreat it one hour at a time.

Here is one more video showing the benefits of the new AMP'D product on a used bowling ball:

AMP'D is safe for plumbing and can be discarded down the toilet when dirty.


AMP'D is considered a bowling ball treatment similar to a surface change. USBC does not approve ball treatments like AMP'D or surface changes. 


If you have more questions you can always email us at help@ctdbowling.com

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