Creating the Difference Launches Mini Portable Fan

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Creating the Difference Launches Mini Portable Fan


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Since its founding in 2015, Creating the Difference has launched several products for bowling balls including Life After Death and TruCut Sanding Pads. Now, we want to focus specifically on the bowler. Over the last ten years, portable fans have become one of the most popular accessories bowlers carry around for themselves. When looking at these fans, we found a big issue: many fans are massive and not really practical for carrying from lane to lane or even into the bowling center; especially when pulling two roller bags filled with bowling balls. 

Creating the Difference is always looking to innovate and provide bowlers with tools to help them. In this case, we want to help them stay cool and comfortable while bowling. Introducing the Creating the Difference Mini Portable Fan. With the launch of this product, we wanted to address the issue of keeping your hand dry and your body cool, when needed in a bowling center.

The Mini Portable Fan is compact in size, measuring only 5 inches. It is small enough to fit into any bowler's backpack. While the Mini Portable Fan is small in size, we did not want to sacrifice power. It offers the choice of three fan speeds: low, medium, and high. The high setting is strong enough to be felt from more than six feet away. The fan also features a USB cable port to allow a continuous charge with a portable battery (not included) throughout league or tournament play. It can also be powered by 4AA batteries (not included) for wireless operation.  The fan features a built-in timer with 1, 2, or 4 hours of run time, if needed.  The fan head features a 90° tilt which allows a wide range of options to place it in the correct position. The fan comes in black with the neon green CtD logo on it.

The Creating the Difference Mini Portable Fan is available by clicking HERE.


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