CtD Launches Level Up Remix Performance Restoration System

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This product has been discontinued

Creating the Difference continues to innovate in all aspects of bowling ball maintenance. In 2019, CtD launched The Clear.  It was the first liquid bowling ball rejuvenation system specifically designed to address the three main causes of loss in bowling ball performance: Loss of tackiness, reduction in oil absorption, and surface change.  Building off of that technology, in 2021, CtD introduced Level Up. This product was exclusively available to the Staff of Creating The Difference. Over the last year, CtD has been working to improve the benefits of this product and now has a new product called Level Up Remix.

Level Up Remix incorporates the Tackify additive and emulsifier package found in their Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner. Tackify is a resin that replaces the slippery plasticizer found in reactive bowling balls. Plasticizer aids in performance loss over time.  Unlike Life After Death, Level Up Remix is NOT a bowling ball cleaner; it is a bowling ball performance improvement product. It requires submersion to work and takes one hour max to restore performance.  With the Tackify additive, Level Up Remix improves performance across the board in terms of longevity and resistance to ball death compared to other restoration products. The emulsifiers in this product help with controlling oil smear on Urethane and Polyester balls. This can help improve ball shot consistency.

Level Up Remix is ultra concentrated in a 32 oz bottle. You can use up to a 5 gallon bucket and still get the same level of performance and protection as using a smaller bucket down to 3 gallons.  

Why is that?

Your reactive bowling ball can only absorb so much of any material at any given time. The total amount absorbed won’t change much. The impact of the concentration of Level Up Remix is maximized between two to five gallons when mixed with water. When testing, we found that Level Up Remix offers the most total performance between The Clear, Level Up, and Level Up Remix.

What is Level Up Remix?

Level Up Remix is a translucent green tinted liquid. It has a light vanilla berry scent. It can be stored in a closed air tight bucket for 1-2 months. As long as the material is kept clean, it can treat up to 30 balls. Using a CtD Absorption pad after every use is critical to removing oil and dirt from the surface of the material. If you skip this step, you will pull your ball out of the material and recoat with the oil sitting on the surface of the material.

How to Properly Use Level Up Remix

First do not leave your bowling ball in this product for more than one hour.

Step 1 Refinish

First you will surface the ball to required specs.  Watch these video on how to sand or resurface your bowling ball.

Step 2 Submerge

Place the ball into an empty bucket up to 5 gallons with the thumb pointed up (if there is no thumb drilled, point the finger holes up). Pour all 32 oz of Level Up Remix into the bucket. Next fill with water until you have a 1 inch circle around the thumb or finger holes. It's preferred not to get it in the holes but it won't hurt them if you do. It just takes a little longer to dry. You will use about 5 to 6 quarts of water in a standard 5 gallon bucket to submerge the ball.

Step 3 Keep Submerged For One Hour Max

Let the ball sit for one hour.  After one hour, place a CtD Absorption pad on top of the liquid to absorb and remove any oil or debris that has floated to the surface. Remove the used CtD Absorption Pad and discard it. Cover the remaining Level Up Remix solution in a sealed container. Reuse a new absorption pad every time you submerge a ball. You can reuse Level Up Remix as long as the material stays clean and up to 2 months as long as it is in a sealed container. It is critical that once the material is dirty or has debris in it that it is discarded. It is safe to flush down the toilet.

Step 4 Final Step

Spray That Wow Factor HM on a reactive ball to remove any phasing, lightening or whitening of the ball that may occur. Note: this will not occur on urethane or plastic bowling balls. 


Do NOT leave this product out in the open. Do not leave your bowling ball in Level Up Remix for more than one hour.  Treat this product like any other household chemical and keep away from children and pets. Store at room temperature and do not expose it to extreme temperatures. Temperatures less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the material to freeze.  Do not drink.  Do not use this product if your bowling ball is cracked or otherwise damaged.  Do not use your bowling ball without making sure it is dry including the finger and thumb holes. Pour in slowly to avoid splashing. 


Should I mix this product with any other CtD product?

No, you should never mix any chemicals together unless instructed to do so.

How often should I use this product?

You should use Level Up Remix approximately every 60 games or when you have noticed a significant amount of loss in ball performance.  You can use this on a brand new ball to improve the performance and get the additional benefits right out of the box.  

Can I Reuse Level Up Remix?

Level Up is reusable as long as you use a CtD Absorption Pad every time to keep it clean. One quart will treat around 30 balls. You can add water until a maximum of 7 quarts of solution is made up. Adding more than 6 quarts of water will reduce the concentration enough to impact the effectiveness of this product.  

Urethane and Polyester Balls

These balls will not feel tacky after treatment and do not need That Wow Factor HM used on them. They will however provide a more consistent reaction. Dirt and grime will also be more resistant to sticking to the ball.


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