CtD Launches Big Amazing MicroFiber Pad (BAM) Featuring Textured Microfiber

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Creating the Difference continues to lead innovation in bowling accessories. Since 2015 CtD has been innovating with cleaning pads. Everything from the Power Pad, BFP, Dry Pad Pro, to the Traditional Leather Shammy, and now with the all new Big Amazing Microfiber Pad or as we like to call it BAM.

The improvement is in the materials and usability. Over the years, microfiber has been an excellent product at removing oil from the surface of the ball. It is best used wet with a bowling ball cleaner to remove dirt and oil.  When used dry, the downside is that it's soft and doesn't have a strong texture to it. This makes it hard to remove dirt or scuff marks. In addition, it typically is in the shape of a square or rectangle. That makes it not really convenient to use because it has to be oriented in a specific way to maximize the cleaning effort.  To address this, CtD added a waterproof backing to the CtD Power Pad making it easier to grip. However, it still requires multiple wipes to remove all of the oil. More recently Leather Shammies have become the popular choice for league and professional bowlers alike. One of the benefits of leather is that it's textured. 

Common products used by Bowler's to wipe off their bowling ball.


Traditional Leather Shammy

Leather being textured helps with removing oil and dirt better than other pads. The downside is that leather is not very absorbent at all. This means that it can quickly fill with oil and lose its ability to clean effectively. These pads also tend to be extremely thin. As a result, lots of people purchase and use multiples of them. These pads are typically rectangular in shape as well.

Big Fluffy Pad

The Big Fluffy Pad or BFP is super absorbent but also requires multiple wipes to get the ball clean. The backside of this pad has more texture for wiping away dirt, but it still requires multiple wipes to remove dirt and oil.  The BFP is washable and reusable.

This is a microscopic picture of the white side of the BFP.

This is a microscopic picture of the backside of a BFP.

This is a good pad, but we are always looking to innovate. We took a different approach to create a superior pad for the bowling industry. 

Big Amazing Microfiber Pad

The BAM pad is a multi layer pad which improves the ability to clean a ball fast and effectively. To start with, we have a unique textured microfiber. This material also has an open weave design. This design is similar to what is used on our TruCut Sanding Pads. This allows dirt to be captured, trapped easily, and removed from the surface of the ball. This created a big improvement in the ability to remove oil in as little as one wipe. This layer is very textured, yet non-abrasive to the surface of the bowling ball. It is safe to use DURING competition.

Microscopic view of the Textured Microfiber of the BAM Pad


Next we have a super absorbent layer of Sherpa material. This material is great for absorbing liquids and holding them in. This allows the microfiber layer to be able to hold more oil as it is absorbed in the Sherpa layer. It also beefs up the total volume of the BAM pad.

Next is a layer of rubber similar to what is used in scuba suits. This layer provides a flexible non penetrable barrier so that any liquids will not pass through. This allows the textured microfiber side to be used with a bowling ball cleaner like Life After Death, That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner, or That Purple Stuff if desired.  Remember if you use a ball cleaner on this pad. You can't use it wet during competition.

Next is another layer of Sherpa material. Last is a layer of leather. This is the same leather that is used in traditional leather shammies.

The combination of these layered materials create the ultimate pad for wiping oil and dirt off of the ball. If you like the feel or wiping ability of leather you have it. If you want to get the most effective wiping ability for your ball or just clean it, you have the textured microfiber. The BAM pad is truly the best of both worlds. The ability to trap dirt and keep removing dirt is highlighted in the next picture. You can see the trapped dirt while the fibers are still available to capture more. The BAM pad is also ultra absorbent with the ability to absorb 4 times as much oil as other pads.                                 

BAM Pad Textured Microfiber with dirt trapped in it

Due to the textured nature and the design of the microfiber used. You should expect the BAM pad to pick up dirt faster than other products. 

The BAM pad is washable using the following steps: 

  1. Clean it by using dish soap in the sink. This will remove dirt and oil.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the pad and make sure all of the dishwashing soap is removed. 
  3. Wash the BAM pad in the washing machine by itself in cold water with laundry detergent.
  4. Air dry Do Not use heat to dry the BAM Pad. 


Do not dry in a dryer or use fabric softener 

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How to Clean Any CtD Pad

The BAM pad is 7.5 inches in diameter. It comes in Green initially, is big enough to fit in your hand, and get the ball clean quickly. Here is the BAM pad compared to a Leather Shammy.

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Pro Tip 

You can put a TruCut sanding pad on the green side and use TruCut conditioner to maximize 

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