CtD Surfacing Mitt

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We like solving bowler problems and this one was is pretty straightforward. Bowlers love using TruCut sanding pads, but dislike getting their hands dirty. The best way to sand any bowling ball is using TruCut Sanding Pads with TruCut Conditioner. TruCut Conditioner doubles the life of the sanding pad, improves the consistency of the cut, and reduces the amount of dirt and debris left on the ball. This is great, but you can still get your hands dirty when sa sanding your ball by hand or using a spinner. So we created an easy to use CtD Surfacing Mitt. This product has cross shaped Velcro on one side to hold any TruCut sanding pad or TruCut Premium Polishing pad and features a leather like vinyl material on the other side. This product is easy to clean by just wiping it with TruCut Conditioner and a dry cloth after use. It is one size fits all and can be folded in half for storage. This protective mitt will keep your hand dry and that makes it easy to get right to bowling after altering the surface of a bowling ball. Remember you can only do this before or after competition. The CtD Surfacing Mitt is $24.95 and is available by clicking THIS LINK


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