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The 53rd Annual QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup just finished up the first squad of the men’s competition in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  The event has no more than 1 male and 1 female competitor from each participating country.  While some countries send both a male and female, some only send one or the other.  In this year’s competition, there are 54 women competing and 64 men.

The lane condition is approximately 42 feet long using QubicaAMF’s new Utopia Lane Lubricant.  The center (Bol300) is equipped with QubicaAMF High Performance Synthetic Lanes so the pattern plays like you would expect from a shorter pattern.  

The format has four stages:

Stage 1 - Qualifying Round All bowlers in each division will roll 24 qualifying games over four days for a scratch total pinfall to decide the top 24 qualifiers to go forward to Stage 2. Men will bowl in 1 squad 5 bowlers to a pair and women will bowl in 1 squad 4 bowlers to a pair. Squad and lane assignments will be distributed once all participants have arrived and are registered. Any alterations to the above will be shown in the Bowling Schedule copies of which will be distributed to all bowlers. Pinfall will be carried into stage 2.
Stage 2 – Top 24 The Top 24 qualifiers in each division will bowl a further 8 games, league style, for a 32 game total scratch pinfall, to decide the top 8 qualifiers to go forward to Stage 3. Pinfall will be carried into stage 3.
Stage 3 – Top 8 Bowlers (Quarter Finals Round Robin) The Top 8 bowlers in each division will bowl a further 8 games league style, round robin with bonus points (30 pins for a win, 15 pins for a tie, 0 pins for a loss), for a 40 game total pinfall including bonus points, to decide the top 4 qualifiers to go forward to Stage 4. Game 8 of the quarter finals round robin will be a position round. At the end of Stage 3
Pinfall will NOT be carried forward into Stage 4
Stage 4 - Semi and Final Matches. The semi and finals will be one game single elimination bracket. 1st placed player versus 4th placed player, and 2nd placed player versus 3rd placed player. The winners of each semi-final match will go forward to play the title match. Pinfall will not be carried forward from game to game. All matches will be played from scratch.  


During this year’s event, each person was supplied with a CtD Power Pad. Each pair was supplied with a bottle of That Purple Stuff which will be made available all week.  For more information, check out our blog announcing this exciting change to the event.

After day 1 of qualifying, we are happy to announce the men’s leader is Arturo Estrada from Mexico. Arturo was introduced to That Purple Stuff and decided to give it a shot.  After the first 6 games, Arturo had 1433 total pinfall and an average of 238.83 for the tournament.  The current average to make the cut is 203. Congrats, Arturo!  Thank you for Creating the Difference with us!

Artura Estrada with CEO Ron Hickland Jr


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