That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner Becomes the Only Cleaner Allowed at World Cup 2017

Posted by Ronald Hickland on

The 53rd Annual QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup is taking place in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - aptly named “Sun City.” This year’s field of bowlers consists of 65 men and 54 women coming from six different continents. Competitors and coaches began arriving Friday in preparation for official practice beginning Sunday.  On Saturday, QubicaAMF hosted a Demo Day for Motiv Bowling Balls and showcased the full line of cleaning products from Creating the Difference.

Also on Saturday, the pro shop opened for the event with Creating the Difference CEO, Ronald Hickland Jr, running the Pro Shop. Hickland commented,  “We are an educational company and have worked really hard to grow bowling within the United States.  When the opportunity presented for us to grow our efforts worldwide, we were excited to make the trip and be a part of this prestigious global event.”  After the product demo on Saturday, everyone was impressed with the cleaning performance of That Purple Stuff; which is a USBC Anytime Approved Ball Cleaner, so it can be used during competition.  This led to several conversations with the tournament committee which resulted in That Purple Stuff becoming the only cleaner that will be allowed for use during the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup 2017.

In order to level the playing field every participant will receive a CtD Power Pad; which is a pad that is designed to be used with That Purple Stuff for maximum cleaning ability. It has a waterproof backing and a super absorbent layer in the middle to hold the cleaner in the pad. That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner will be available for use on every pair the entire week for the competitors as well. During the players meeting there will be a demonstration on how to use it.

Hickland said, “The fact is, bowling balls get dirty. That dirt and oil on the ball can change the performance of your bowling ball.  Being able to use an approved ball cleaner and wipe your ball off every shot during play removes this variable and makes the ball reaction as consistent as possible. Cleaning the ball with an approved cleaner is much more effective than using a dry towel.  By limiting what ball cleaner is allowed, you also eliminate the possibility of something that is not approved being used.”

The competition begins Monday. You can keep up with all of the results here.  


  • I rolled my first ever 300 using the purple stuff. Great product.

    Jeff Bixby on

  • I see you Ron! Keep doing what your doing.

    Phil Chance on

  • Congratulations to CEO Ronald Hickland Jr. and all the CTD Staff behind the scene for developing and making available to everyone such a great product. Just another reward for Ronald Hickland Jr. forward thinking. Education will assist in keeping the sport of Bowling alive. Job well done.

    Rose Woiden on

  • Ronnie JR rocks wow the only product that is allowed too be use now that’s awesome see told ya he has nothing too worry about when he got pray worriers that got his back Congratulations goes out too you and Dad who keep on filling those orders may God continue too Bless you both.

    Beverly Brereton Adeyemi on

  • Hello all that stuff is great for the ball and have a few people try it and feels the same nice to see the Products are being noticed.

    Nathan hill on

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