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The Clear An Innovative Way To Improve Bowling Ball Performance

Posted by Ronald Hickland on

The Clear Performance Accelerator Innovation is a passion at Creating the Difference. We started with That Purple Stuff - a bowling ball cleaner which can be used anytime. We have been offering bowlers unique products ever since.  Today we’re launching our latest innovation to help bowlers. This article will discuss the product in detail and answer most questions you may have. In bowling, there are 3 main types of bowling ball coverstocks: Reactive, Urethane and Polyester (or Plastic).  Reactive coverstock bowling balls are the most popular for the competitive bowler. One of the negatives of these types of bowling balls...

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Turtle Wax Co-Brands a Polish for Bowling Balls with Creating The Difference

Posted by Bold Apps on

A new polish made for bowling balls that can be used by hand or on a bowling ball spinner.

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