Life After Death: The World’s First Bowling Ball Cleaner and Life Extender with Tackify Additive

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Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner and Life Extender With Tackify

 Quite possibly the most advanced cleaning product in the bowling industry.

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In 2018 Creating The Difference launched So Fresh and So Clean - a bowling ball life extender. This product was made to extend the life of a reactive bowling ball by allowing the ball to absorb a tackifier. A tackifier is a liquid that enhances performance by swapping out plasticizer for a safe, resin substance.  So Fresh and So Clean is not a bowling ball cleaner and requires a bowling ball cleaner such as That Purple Stuff or That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner to remove the excess product from the surface of the ball.  Less than a year later we launched the TruCut Scuff Mark Remover.  This is a melamine sponge which combined with So Fresh and So Clean becomes a powerful tool in removing dirt, and scuff marks from a bowling ball.  It creates a level of clean that other bowling ball cleaners can’t match. 

So the question became: Is it possible to combine both? With recent changes regarding USBC’s testing procedures, there was an added level of complexity to this challenge. With the changes, many cleaners currently on the market would not be approved under the new testing procedure. However, since they were approved under the old testing procedure, they are grandfathered in. As such they can continue being used before and after competition. Currently, all cleaning products are for use before and after only. The ONLY exception to that rule is Isopropyl Alcohol, which is currently approved for use anytime because of COVID-19.

Is it even possible to make a better ball cleaner than what CtD currently offers?  This is exactly the type of question CtD has been working on for the last couple of years. After 2 years of research and development. We now have an answer to that question and it’s called Life After Death. 

What is Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner?

Life After Death is a USBC Approved Before and After Use type of bowling ball cleaning product. It deviates from the traditional ball cleaning methods that use solvents as the primary cleaning agent to remove dirt and oil. Instead Life After Death introduces a new and much more powerful way to clean all types of bowling balls using a combination of proprietary cleaning agents and chemical resins. This product is industrial grade, non-toxic, non-flammable, and is enhanced with an additive called Tackify that is made for polymers (bowling ball coverstocks).  

How Does it Work?

Life after Death works in 3 different ways:

  • First it breaks down the chemical bonds of oil, dirt, and scuffs that allow them to adhere to the bowling ball. This allows them to be wiped away with ease.  
  • Second it penetrates reactive coverstocks and deposits Tackify which swaps plasticizers with chemical resins and restores performance over time. This helps fight ball death by breaking down lane oil, and increasing the backend reaction of the ball due to the Tackify additive being deposited in a reactive bowling ball over time.
  • Finally, it leaves a microscopic layer of protection (residue) on the surface of the ball. This claim has been verified by a independent lab, and is what makes this product revolutionary. This layer acts as a protecting barrier making future cleaning even easier.  It helps keep dirt and grime from sticking to the ball. This makes it recommended for use on any type of bowling ball. For plastic and urethane balls, it can help limit oil spreading on the surface of the ball. This can improve the consistency of the ball reaction. Since these types of balls do not absorb oil. Yes, this is legal and this product is approved by USBC for Before and After Use.

With consistent use on a reactive bowling ball. This product literally can help bring a dead ball back to life, hence the name Life After Death.


After application, you may notice the oil that remains on the surface of the ball appears and or smears less. You may also notice less visible scuff marks during future bowling sessions.  This is caused by the protective layer working and can last 3 to 9 games. 

How To Use Life After Death

Step 1. Spray half of the ball with Life After Death and let it sit on the ball for 30 seconds minimum.

Step 2. Spray Life After Death liberally on a CtD Scuff Mark Remover.

Step 3 Use the CtD Scuff Mark Remover to wipe the half of the ball that has been sprayed. Be careful around finger and thumb holes going over them aggressively, can damage the scuff mark remover. Be gentle going over them.

Step 4. Wipe the ball off with a CtD Power Pad.

Step 5. Flip the ball over and repeat steps 1-4.

What is going on during these steps?

Step 1. This is where the product goes to work on the surface of the ball breaking down the chemical bonds of oil, dirt, and scuff marks. During this step, Tackify is being absorbed by a reactive ball; increasing tackiness and improving backend reaction. Note this product doesn't change the oil absorption rate of the ball.

Step 2. You want to make sure the Scuff Mark Remover is thoroughly wet. This is a requirement for activation of the remover to work properly. Note: it will not work dry. This also reduces the chance of the scuff mark remover changing the surface of the ball. Improper use of the scuff mark remover can dull the surface of a bowling ball or prematurely degrade the scuff mark remover.

Step 3. This removes all of the broken down grime from the ball, and helps get that micro layer on the surface that stays after the ball is wiped off. You may see some bubbles while doing this step. That is normal and helps ensure that the ball is getting  clean.

Step 4. This removes anything left over from the scuff mark remover and leaves a clean surface with a micro layer of protection on the ball. This reduces the dirt and grime from sticking to the surface next time you bowl.


Do not subject this product to extreme temperatures. Temperatures less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit can cause this product to freeze.


How does this product compare to the other CtD Ball Cleaners like That Purple Stuff and That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner?

This product uses a different technology for cleaning that is far superior and more beneficial to the longevity of bowling ball. So think of That Purple Stuff like a Chevy Corvette. That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner like a Cadillac Escalade. Both are great gasoline powered cars. Life After Death is like an electric powered Tesla Model S. Different and better in a lot of ways. If you don't know what a Model S is, Google it. 

Does Life After Death change the performance of the ball?

Over time this product will restore performance to a reactive bowling ball, bringing it back to life. It does not immediately change the reaction of the bowling ball.

Does Life After Death have a scent?

Yes, it has a light vanilla fragrance to it.

Can I Clean the TruCut Scuff Mark Remover

Yes. Simply use room temp water and carefully squish the pad under the water between your hands. Like you are clapping your hands slowly under the water with the pad in between them. This will ring out the dirt and oil the pad has collected.   Do not crinkle the pad like making a fist with your hand while holding it, as that can damage the scuff mark remover. This pad will degrade over time and more can be purchased here

Should I mix this product with any other CtD product?

No, you should never mix any chemicals together unless instructed to do so.

How often should I use this product?

After every set of bowling is recommended. This helps the micro layer of protection stay on the ball and makes cleaning your ball next time faster. It also provides maximum opportunity for the Tackify additive to absorb into your reactive ball. This will help extend the life of your bowling ball.

Can I use this product on my urethane or plastic ball?

Yes, this product leaves a micro layer of protection that will adhere to all types of bowling ball surfaces. Use it on any type of bowling ball coverstock. It even works on a house ball.

Do I always need to use the Scuff Mark Remover?

No, if you don’t have any scuff marks on the ball. You can skip Step 3 and just wipe the ball with a dry CtD Power Pad. When used in combination with the Scuff Mark remover. This product provides the best possible cleaning method for a bowling ball in the industry.


Do I need to use So Fresh and So Clean with this product?

No, you do not need to use So Fresh and So Clean with Life After Death. The Tackify additive in Life After Death is enhanced, and much more powerful and effective.

Can I still clean my ball with That Purple Stuff, That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner, or That Wow Factor HM?

Yes, but make sure you do that first and that the ball is completely dry before using Life After Death. The protective layer can be removed with That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner, That Wow Factor HM, or That Purple Stuff.

Do I need to still use The Clear or Level Up?

Yes, The Clear and Level Up are for performance restoration. It is still recommended for use when you feel your ball has either lost performance, is going to be resurfaced, or is dead. These products are safe to use with Life After Death.

Is CtD worried about obsoleting your other cleaning products?

No, innovation is about making better products. By using research and data we will continue to launch new products that fit the market and solve problems bowlers encounter. This makes things better for you, the consumer, and that’s good for bowling.


Life After Death Product Options

8oz Life After Death with a TruCut Scuff Mark Remover 

8oz Life After Death with a TruCut Scuff Mark Remover and CtD Power Pad

32oz Life After Death with 2 - TruCut Scuff Mark Removers and empty 8 oz bottle 

1 Gallon (4 quarts) Life After Death with 2 - TruCut Scuff Mark Removers, CtD Power Pad, and empty 8 oz bottle 

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  • Life After Death should be used on new and old equipment to extend the bowling balls life. It will not restore performance. Look at a product like The Clear to restore performance. We recommend using Life After Death on new equipment as it has life extending properties that will make the balls life last longer.

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  • Do you recommend using Life After Death on new equipment or only older equipment that has started to lose the out-of-the-box performance? If so, is there any benefit to using Life After Death on new equipment vs. a less expensive cleaner (such as That Wow Factor)?

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