The Clear An Innovative Way To Improve Bowling Ball Performance

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The Clear Performance Accelerator

Innovation is a passion at Creating the Difference. We started with That Purple Stuff - a bowling ball cleaner which can be used anytime. We have been offering bowlers unique products ever since.  Today we’re launching our latest innovation to help bowlers. This article will discuss the product in detail and answer most questions you may have.

In bowling, there are 3 main types of bowling ball coverstocks: Reactive, Urethane and Polyester (or Plastic).  Reactive coverstock bowling balls are the most popular for the competitive bowler. One of the negatives of these types of bowling balls is that they lose performance with use.  This loss of performance is typically called “ball death.” It involves several different contributing factors:

  • Loss of tackiness
  • Reduction in oil absorption
  • Surface change

In the past, companies have worked to develop products to restore performance to reactive bowling balls.  The focus on a solution has mainly been to solve the reduction in oil absorption over time. With that focus, companies have developed products designed to remove oil from the bowling ball. This task has typically been done by professionals in a pro shop.  However, there are some at home treatments. Most of these treatments use heat to help expel the oil from the bowling ball. The goal with this process is to bring the ball back close to factory performance.

What these treatments don’t address is the chemical used during manufacturing which can also impact performance.  This chemical is called plasticizer and it is used to create the pores in the coverstock. It accounts for about 30% of the formula for the coverstocks performance in reactive bowling balls. Plasticizer is slippery and feels like oil. It is needed during production because it vaporizes off during the curing process and in turn creates the pores that can absorb oil. It also helps with reducing brittleness of the coverstock.  Not all of the plasticizer is vaporized off which can contribute to the ball death problem. We have studied ball death for almost two decades and Ronald Hickland has a United States Patent on a bowling ball restoration system. Patent   

In the graph below, each line represents a different major manufacturer in bowling and shows performance loss in total hook over games bowled. We removed the manufacturer names because they aren’t necessary to illustrate the fact that ball death happens regardless of who made it.

There are three major reasons for ball death:

  • Loss of tackiness
  • Reduction in oil absorption
  • Surface change

Creating the Difference set out to address these issues using a different approach. We wanted to not only restore performance; but actually improve it by making the ball have the ability to perform even better than new.  After more than two years of research and development, we created a product called The Clear Performance Accelerator. It is a proprietary formula which addresses all three causes of ball death.

Loss of Tackiness

You may be familiar with tackifiers because we’ve talked about them since launching So Fresh & So Clean. We have upped the game with The Clear.  It has professional grade tackifiers which are absorbed by the ball and help to increase friction between the ball and the backend part of lane. Best of all - they don’t impede oil absorption. This means stronger performance and more total hook. So that old bowling ball you thought was worn out and just collecting dust? It can now be brought back to life! Step 1: Loss of Tackiness ✓

Reduction in Oil Absorption

The pores in the bowling ball can only hold so much. Over time, they get filled with dirt, oil and other performance robbing chemicals. The Clear also has properties to clean out these pores and bring the bad stuff to the surface of the liquid.  Once it is on the surface, it is easily removed with our new CtD Absorption Pads. These pads were designed for a single use to absorb the oily materials from the top layer of the solution and reduce re-absorption by the bowling ball. After all, what is the point of removing oily materials, then pull your bowling ball right back through them when you take the ball out?  Doing this makes The Clear reusable. Throw away the CtD Absorption Pad and reuse The Clear again and again. Step 2: Reduction in Oil Absorption ✓

Surface Change

All bowling balls are affected by dirt and “lane shine.” This is something we have addressed many times over in previous blogs about our TruCut line of surface maintenance products.  Having a fresh surface on your bowling balls not only helps combat ball death; but it also allows you to maximize performance of The Clear. If your bowling ball is covered in scuff marks and has an uneven surface, The Clear cannot evenly penetrate the surface of the bowling ball.  This is why the first instructions for use are to clean and resurface your bowling ball before putting it in The Clear. Step 3: Surface Change ✓

The Clear doesn’t impact bowling ball hardness and is recommended to be done at home.  One of the potential side effects of this treatment is the appearance of the ball changing color. Whitening or phasing of the bowling ball can happen 5 to 25 mins after the ball is removed.  You may have seen phasing in the past. 

Bowling Ball Phasing Graphic

Phasing is harmless to the ball. It doesn't happen with every ball. In no way does it negatively impact the performance of the bowling ball. In this case, it is a visual way to tell absorption has occurred. To address the appearance issue we recommend using That Wow Factor HM after use.  Simply spray on and wipe off using a CtD Power Pad to remove phasing. That Wow Factor HM is made to work with The Clear by removing the phasing chemically. It will also help remove any residual dirt or oil that may be on the surface of the ball. The combined use of these products is powerful enough to increase the total hook by 8 to 10 boards on a dead ball, or 3 to 5 on a BRAND NEW ball. 

Is The Clear Safe?

The Clear was developed using the science behind So Fresh and So Clean Bowling Ball Life Extender and has been chemically formulated to use on bowling balls. It has been tested on almost every major manufacturer’s bowling balls.  It does not have an effect on cracking or hardness and is safe to use on all reactive bowling balls. It does not harm the core, grips, thumb slugs or interchangeable pieces either. It comes in a fresh Power Blast scent and best of all: NO HEAT or added water is required to make this product work. The Clear is recommended to be used at room temperature.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

This treatment is semi permanent meaning it lasts for around 50 games depending on the bowling ball and the environment used. It can be retreated when needed. When combined with regular treatments of So Fresh and So Clean before and after each time you bowl, the treatment can last upwards of 80 to 100 games.

How Long Do I Have To Treat My Ball?

The recommended max time is 1 hour.  

Do I Have To Use The CtD Absorption Pads?

Yes, the CtD Absorption Pad are made to work specifically with The Clear. They are designed to remove the oily materials without negatively impacting effectiveness of The Clear. Contamination is the number one way to ruin the performance impact of The Clear. It is imperative that you keep The Clear clean and debris free. You can treat your whole arsenal of bowling balls with one gallon of The Clear.  Additional CtD Absorption Pads are available for purchase at

Purchase Options

The Clear Performance Accelerator System is available in 2 packages: Basic and Complete Restoration.

Basic Restoration Package $127.95

    • 1 gallon of The Clear Performance Accelerator
    • 2 CtD Absorption Pads
    • 4 oz bottle of That Wow Factor HM
    • Bucket and funnel
    • 6 pack of 5” TruCut Sanding Pads (1 ea: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & P5000D - No substitutions)

Complete Restoration Package $172.95

    • 1 gallon of The Clear Performance Accelerator
    • 6 CtD Absorption Pads
    • 4 oz bottle of That Wow Factor HM
    • 6 pack of 5” TruCut Sanding Pads (1 ea: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & P5000D - No substitutions)
    • 4 oz bottle of TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax
    • CtD Polishing Pad
    • 8 oz bottle of That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner
    • CtD Power Pad
    • CtD Branded Ball Cup
    • Gallon and funnel

How to get your ball in The Clear

Directions for use:

The 5 step system can be done at home.

Step 1. Clean

Use That Wow Factor ball cleaner and a CtD Power Pad to clean the surface of the bowling ball.

Step 2. Refinish

Look up the finish of the bowling ball from the manufacturer and use the following guide to know what TruCut sanding Pad to refinish the ball.

Step 3. Improve

Place the bowling ball in a bucket with the thumb hole pointed directly up. Then pour The Clear around the bowling ball to leave a 2 inch circle around the thumb hole exposed. The performance of your ball will be improved even if you track over the non exposed area.  Cover it with a lid, and let it sit in this solution for a maximum time of 1 hour.

Step 4. Reuse

When you take the lid off, you may notice a shimmery material floating on the surface. This is removed with the CtD Absorption Pad.  Simply put the pad on top of the solution, let it absorb until saturated and throw it away. Once you remove the bowling ball from The Clear, you may notice some dirt and debris in the bottom of the bucket.  Allow it to settle and pour The Clear into a clean gallon jug for the next use. Clean the dirt and debris from the bucket so it is ready for the next use.

Step 5. That Wow Factor HM

Spray That Wow Factor HM on the bowling ball and wipe down. If there is any residual phasing that appears after using That Wow Factor HM, repeat this step. Let the ball completely dry and you are ready to roll.

If you get The Clear into the holes, simply place the ball on the holes and allow them to drain. We recommend that the thumb hole is left uncovered for this reason. Remember to pour out any excess product from the weight hole if your bowling ball has one. Do not throw your bowling ball wet for any reason.

You can treat around 20 balls with The Clear. Additional CtD Absorption pads are available at


This product works only on reactive bowling balls. It will not work on Urethane, Polyester, or Rubber bowling balls as they do not have pores to absorb.

Do not store or use The Clear in temperatures less than 50°F or more than 130°F.

Do not use if your bowling ball is cracked or otherwise damaged.  

Do not use your bowling ball without making sure it is dry including the finger and thumb holes.

Do not leave The Clear in the bucket when not in use. Store The Clear in the original container that it came in.  

The Clear is NOT a bowling ball cleaner and is only effective with submersion.

When you want more performance, Get your ball in The Clear.

The Clear is considered a bowling ball treatment similar to a surface change. USBC does not approve ball treatments like The Clear or surface changes. 

You can get The Clear Performance Accelerator from 

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