TruCut Stabilipad | 5"

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  • 1 inch thick
  • Flexible foam core
  • Hook velcro on one side
  • Loop velcro on the opposite side
  • It can be used dry or wet
  • Flexible foam allows it to conform better to the shape of the ball while offering stable support for your hand

Attaching a TruCut Sanding Pad to the Stabilipad makes it easier to hold and control when adjusting the surface of a bowling ball.  The Stabilipad can be used with the CtD Surface Mitt or even a resurfacing machine. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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What a difference using this instead of just the pad. stabilized and even pressure!

Clarence Garner
Well worth it!!!

I do quite a bit of surface prep, changes for my equipment and teammates using a 1/2hp spinner and this is such a better way for me to be consistent. It really shows it’s worth when going over the holes since the pad can jump using bare-handed. Also, consistent pressure is better overall.

You won’t be disappointed.

dale winters
Tried the 5 inch

They work fine and are less expensive than 6in. BUT just not for me, my hands are to big.

Jeff Tamura

Excellent! Makes using a TruCutpad so much easier. Ball comesoutwith an even sanding.

John Gilbert
Couldn’t be more impressed!

I placed my order on a Thursday and was told it would arrive in 6-10 business days (an adequate time frame I figured). They arrived the very next Monday! Holy cow that was fast! Not only that, the pads deliver an outstanding surface quality! I noticed the first use of each pad cuts more so I recommend A) wet sand with water or ball cleaner and then B) wet sand it once more to get the accurate grit level but otherwise after that I have seen no difference at all between subsequent sandings. The pads maintain ball surface outstandingly! I gave away all my fresh SIAAIR pads as soon as I saw how great these were! I’ll have no need for that stuff anymore 😂