TruCut Conditioner

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TruCut Conditioner works in five ways: 

It is made to extend the life of the sanding pad. The conditioner provides a balanced level of lubricity that allows the pad to keep cutting, while dramatically reducing the friction created during the sanding process. Using this product will increase the life of the pad by up to 4 times compared to using the pad dry. 

This product allows for a cleaner cut.  Which means it will leave a more consistent finish.

It traps the dust and allows it to pass through the TruCut Sanding Pad. This allows the pad to cut faster and longer.

It rejuvenates at the same time. You can literally feel a difference after using this product.

When used as directed, this product is made to reduce the amount of dust created which speeds up the sanding process and lowers the mess involved with sanding your ball. 

Best of all this product is safe to use with any type of bowling ball coverstock.

TruCut Conditioner is NOT a bowling ball cleaner. That Purple Stuff or That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner are bowling ball cleaners. TruCut Conditioner is made to be used on your TruCut Sanding Pad.  It's red in color and has a clean strawberry scent. This product is safe to use on all bowling balls. It can be used by hand, ball spinner, resurfacing machine, or PYB system.

Directions for use

Step 1. Place the ball in a ball cup with the bowling grip face up.

Step 2. Select the desired TruCut sanding pad grit you want to use.

Step 3. Place the sanding pad in the middle of a CtD Power Pad. 

Step 4. Generously spray around 20- 25 times covering the entire sanding pad with TruCut Conditioner.

Step 5. Sand the ball with moderate pressure by hand in circular motions on ½ of the ball working from the side to the top of the ball.

Step 6. Flip the ball over and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Step 7. If needed proceed to the next TruCut Sanding Pad grit and repeat the process until all the sanding steps are complete.

Step 8. Remove the sanding pad from the CtD Power Pad and wipe any excess dust off of the ball with the Power Pad and you are ready to go.

Once finished allow the sanding pad and CtD Power pad to completely air dry. 

For ball spinner use just spray TruCut Conditioner directly on the desired sanding grit pad, and while the spinner is on go up and down on the sides and top of the ball. Add additional sprays to the sanding pad to keep it wet.

For Resurfacing Machines use in place of water. This product can be reused.


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    Chris Erickson
    great product

    Helps with the cutting, extends sanding pad life and prevents dust keeping area clean.

    Thomas Kessler

    What a difference this product has made. My go to.

    Mark Hartwig
    Great kit

    Trucut conditioner makes a big difference when sanding a bowling ball I have always dry sanded but not anymore.

    Christopher Mingrone
    Best Product !!

    Really extends the life of the pads...Great Product

    John Frey
    Must have for sanding pads

    Using the TruCut conditioner helps my sanding pads last longer and cut better. There is a.real difference between using the conditioner and not. 100% recommend!!