Radical Break Away

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Radical is very excited to announce a new addition to the Reliable line-up, Breakaway. The Breakaway is a symmetrical ball using the industry-leading HK22 solid cover.

The Breakaway has an RG of 2.528 and a differential of 0.041. This combination of core dynamics and HK22 Solid, which is polished, yields a very definitive backed reaction. Radical’s goal was to create a symmetrical ball with a massive backend motion while increasing the hook window to be sure it has plenty of continuation.

The Breakaway hits the Radical target of increasing backend motion and maintaining continuation through the pins. Combining the Breakaway symmetrical core with the HK22 polished solid cover, you get great performance and a great shelf appeal.

Hyperkinetic22, referred to as HK22. This is a new chemical compound made available through the hard work of their chemists. It is a whole new ball game when it comes to cover stocks. Cleaner through the fronts, clearer so the colors are more vibrant and responsive, and more dynamic off the spot.

Color Red/Purple
Core Breakaway Symmetric
Coverstock HK22
Factory Finish 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
Weights 12-16 lbs
Ball Motion Angular

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