CtD Power Pad

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This pad is different than others on the market because it is made to be used wet. 

It's all about the LAYERS!

  • Microfiber for deep cleaning

How Microfiber Cleans

  • Absorbent middle layer to hold the cleaner in and keep it from evaporating
  • Neoprene backing is waterproof to keep your hand dry

WASHABLE!  Hand wash with dish soap to break down the built up dirt and oil, rinse well, then machine wash. Air dry.

All these layers work together for the best clean and most consistent reaction without wasting a bunch of cleaner.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Medlock
power pad

works great for in game wiping and deeper cleaning after game.

Joe Moreno
For me

I really love this pad. It works great and it makes it easy to clean my equipment.

Colleen Laroe
Love it

Works great for wiping the ball down when cleaning it. Great cleaning pad.

Cedric E.
Very good pad

I used the pad to clean my high performance bowling balls. The amount of dirt and crap that came off my bowling gear was remarkable. Since using the pad and cleaning solutions, my average has gone up tremendously!

Review of CTD Power Pad and Life After Death Bowling Ball cleaner.

I am very happy with both the Power Pad and the Life After Death Ball Cleaner. The Power Pad combined with the Life After Death bowling ball cleaner are able to effectively clean my bowling balls leaving the extra clean and lightly protected this instilling confidence in me knowing the I am using the best products available on the market and that I have some of the cleanest equipment on the lanes.