CtD Gallon Refill

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Select from the following options:

  • That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner
  • That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner
  • That Wow Factor Hook Monster
  • The Clear Performance Accelerator (Not a bowling ball cleaner and not USBC approved)
  • So Fresh & So Clean Bowling Ball Life Extender
  • AMP'D - Angular Motion Performance (Not a bowling ball cleaner and not USBC approved)
  • TruCut Conditioner
  • Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner + Life Extender
  • Jacked Continuous Motion Performance

JACKED, AMP'D, and The Clear are considered bowling ball treatments similar to a surface change. USBC does not approve ball treatments like JACKED, AMP'D, The Clear, or surface changes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sean Hendley
Jacked and Clear

I purchased the Jacked and Clear, and I couldn't be happier. I took my old 2001 black hammer and completely restored it! I also took my new Nu Blue Hammer and dipped it in Jacked and I love the performance. CTD is a game changer! I went ahead and got the ball spinner and sanding pads, and I have a brand new game!! 300 game here I come!

Derrick Evans
The Clear is a very good Product

Order a gallon of Clear so I can continue to get great performance from not only my bowling balls, but from those bowlers who trust me to keep their bowling balls performing as expected. It is my go to product for extracting oil from bowling balls.

Kenneth Walker
Review on Refills

I love the products the newest product purchase was jacked it’s great product tried on heavy oil don’t give the reaction though it would be its not for that type average House pattern . All the other products on a scale. Give it a 10. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Kotula

It most definitely gave my blue coral venom more continuation through the pins. But I need to throw it more to give "Jacked" a better review.