BAM Pad Pro

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With 3x the weight of the original, the BAM (Big Amazing Microfiber) Pad Professional is filled with solid plastic beads which maximize the amount of force on a bowling ball for superior cleaning. The BAM Pad Pro has an absorbent textured microfiber side opposite a leather side to allow dual cleaning. It can also be used as a ball cup to hold the ball in place. Available in green or black. Add optional laser-engraved personalization for $19.99. 

Using the BAM Pad Pro is easy. Simply wipe your bowling ball with your preferred side of the pad in between each shot while bowling. To preserve the longevity of your product, do not use it with ball cleaners. Due to the textured nature and the design of the microfiber used. You should expect the BAM pad to pick up dirt faster than other products. However, the BAM Pad Pro is washable! Hand wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid by hand first, then you can throw it in your washer and let it air dry.

Customer Reviews

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Great new product!

Ron Dockery
BAM pro pad

I've always used multiple cloths because of my hand size and to get a better feel while cleaning my equipment. Now, with the new BAM Pro Pad, everything is integrated into one. It meets both needs and also serves as a ball cup holder. Great job, CTD!


Love the feel and weight

David Bellanca
Bam pad

These pads are excellent for getting oil and scuff marks off my ball during competition. It helps to give me a consistent look all night. Love it


I love the weight and functionality of the pad!