CtD Launches NEW BAM Pad Pro

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Purchase the BAM Pad Pro here.

Since our inception in 2015, Creating the Difference has remained at the forefront of innovation in bowling cleaning pads. From the inception of the Big Fluffy Pad to the evolution of the Dry Pad Pro and beyond, we've strived to provide bowlers with superior options for maintaining their equipment. In 2022, we proudly introduced the BAM (Big Amazing Microfiber) Pad. This groundbreaking cleaning pad seamlessly integrates microfiber cloth and traditional leather shammy with a rubber inner layer, resulting in the ultimate wet or dry multi-use cleaning pad. Thanks to its textured microfiber surface, the BAM Pad ensures superior cleaning by efficiently capturing dirt and debris.

The overwhelming success of the BAM Pad inspired us to further refine and innovate. We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the CtD product line: the BAM (Big Amazing Microfiber) Pad Professional!

The BAM Pad Pro retains the dual leather and textured microfiber sides of its predecessor while incorporating significant enhancements. With a weight three times that of the original, the BAM Pad Pro has forgone the rubber inner layer, instead utilizing solid plastic beads to optimize pressure on the bowling ball, resulting in consistently superior cleaning performance. Moreover, the bead filling enables the BAM Pad Pro to double as a ball cup!

Using the BAM Pad Pro is easy. Simply wipe your bowling ball with your preferred side of the pad in between each shot while bowling. To preserve the longevity of your product, do not use it with ball cleaners. 

Due to the textured nature and the design of the microfiber used. You should expect the BAM pad to pick up dirt faster than other products. However, the BAM Pad Pro is washable! Hand wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid by hand first, then you can throw it in your washer and let it air dry. 

The BAM Pad Pro is currently available in green or black and can be purchased here.


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