TruCut by CtD A Sanding Pad Made For Bowling Balls

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TruCut by CtD is a NEW sanding pad developed for bowling balls. 

TruCut by CtD Sanding Pads

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The retail price is $5.95 for one pad.  If you are looking for a deal on the pads you should look at the three pack combo pricing or higher. 

TruCut by CtD has four main advantages compared to the competition.

  • The grit on the pad is what it cuts a bowling ball
    • Most other pads cut 800 to 1500 grit higher (smoother) than listed
  • They last 3 to 4 times longer than the competition.
  • They can be used dry or wet
    • Dry - the dust falls right out of the pad.
    • Wet - the water washes away the dust by allowing it to go through the pad.
  • They increase hook by more than 5 boards compared to the same grit of a competition pad.

TruCut by CtD was designed for bowling balls. We used several new technologies to determine the size and amount of grit needed to cut a bowling ball. This insured that the TruCut by CtD pads cut as indicated.  Using a resurfacing machine, we wear tested TruCut and the Competition and here are the results:

Abralon vs TruCut by CtD Infographic

Here is on lane performance data comparing TruCut by CtD to the competition.  In a head to head comparison with 8 mins of use on the pads, the TruCut pads gave more than FIVE boards MORE HOOK, and produced one board more Entry Angle into the pocket. vs. the competition pad. Higher Entry Angle means more striking ability.  

2000 Grit Abralon Specto Data2000 Grit TruCut Specto Data






The ink used on the back of the pad is biodegradable. This is a law in the country the pads are manufactured in. As a result, with the high longevity of the pads. It is possible to remove the grit number over time. If you notice this occurring we recommend that you simply use a Sharpie pen to replace the number.  

Your ball surface will change over time and that will make your ball hook less. Sand your ball every 3 to 6 games to maintain a consistent reaction. TruCut by CtD will keep your performance consistent longer and make your bowling ball hook more. If you don’t know where to start when sanding, refer to the manufactures website and use a TruCut by CtD pad that is one grit higher than the final step they recommend, or you can use the 2000 grit TruCut pad first.  Then, if you need more hook, sand with 1000 grit or 500 grit. We will have three more grits by the end of the year, including one grit that is truly innovating.

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More Hook, More Consistency, More Cut

TruCut by CtD


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