Turtle Wax Co-Brands a Polish for Bowling Balls with Creating The Difference

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Everyone can agree that having the right surface on your bowling ball can equal great success on the lanes. Bowlers have not traditionally been able to consistently manage the surface of their bowling balls without seeking the help of professionals inside of pro shops. This inability to manage the surface of the bowling ball leads to less strikes and lower scores. CtD has partnered with Turtle Wax, a leader in the polish industry, to provide bowlers with a product which allows them to polish all types of bowling balls without clogging the ball's pores or creating a messy haze.

TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax is made to use in conjunction with TruCut sanding pads and can deliver a 5500 grit polish finish by hand. If you use a ball spinner, you can achieve an impressive 6200 grit polish finish.
Here is a video that shows how it works.

You can purchase TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered By Turtle Wax by clicking here

To see the complete line of polishing options available or for more information check us out at ctdbowling.com 


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