PRESS RELEASE -- Creating the Difference Becomes the Title Sponsor of the UBA

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The Underground Bowling Association (UBA) and Creating the Difference (CTD) are excited to announce their expanding partnership.  The UBA is a growing organization which brings team, entertainment and competitiveness to the lanes.  Step into any UBA event and you will IMMEDIATELY realize this isn’t your normal bowling event.  

  • Quiet lanes for concentration?  Nope. They have a DJ at the events.
  • Impossible patterns that no one can figure out? Not here. Strike and have fun!
  • Lack of interaction between players? No way! Make bets and talk trash.

UBA events are a fun, high-energy, ultra competitive -- YET friendly -- competition.  Miss a 5 pin or throw a ball in the gutter? EVERYONE (bowlers and spectators alike) within 4 pairs on each side is likely to chime in with a nice loud “AHHHHHH…….YOU SUCK!” Then everyone breaks out into laughter. Walk in the door and you are likely to have someone hold it open for you, then give you a hug. When the music is on, don’t be surprised to see a dance battle break out on the concourse. You will also find a mix of handicap and scratch bowlers who LOVE the game bowling together.  Can’t forget the champs walking around with legitimate championship belts (think Floyd Mayweather style) and taking pictures with fans. 



That Purple Stuff & So Fresh and So Clean UBA Tag Team Champs

It’s this environment that is growing the sport of bowling.  The UBA has figured out how to combine the fun, recreational side of bowling with the competitive, money side of bowling.  And the bowlers are loving it!  Since its inception in 2009, the UBA has added over 230 franchises all across the US. Even Alaska has franchises. Founder and CEO Phillip Chance credits their growth to “giving the people what they are asking for - an environment to have fun and make money.”

Creating the Difference is an educational company focused on growing bowling.  With a staff of over 1000 people, Creating the Difference is also changing the face of bowling.  Instead of limiting its staff positions to the very best scratch bowlers, they believe in a system of inclusion.  CTD promotes coaching and connects bowlers from all around the world who are in all stages of their game.  They have a private group which offers a positive, open forum for members to get real feedback from certified coaches, offer ideas for improvement, and ask for support.  Through this system of positive interaction, fun contests and continued support. They are helping to not only keep people engaged and excited about bowling, but they are adding new people to the game.

Many CTD Staffers and employees think of CTD as a family.  Members will post not only their victories or struggles in bowling but also about life.  It’s common in the group to see birth announcements and wedding announcements mixed among 300 games and new high scores.  Whether someone shot their first 800 series or their first 500 series, it’s a support system of bowlers helping each other grow.

While these two organizations seem to be very different in how they are growing the sport, there is one major thing they have in common - INCLUSION.  The two brands are filling a void found in bowling.  By making things fun and open to everyone, they are making waves and both companies are growing when much of the industry is shrinking.  

Creating the Difference came on as a UBA sponsor in 2016.  After a short time with the UBA, it became clear to CEO Ronald Hickland Jr that “Creating the Difference and the UBA could really benefit our sport by working together more closely, and we are really excited to announce this new title sponsorship.  I can see that the UBA staff has a passion to grow the sport. They are genuinely listening to the bowler, and they leverage opportunities to grow the sport. With a strong emphasis on education we are ready to work with Phil and his team to take this partnership to the next level.”  

The UBA staff and players are equally enthusiastic.  Players began seeing the CTD logo being printed on the back of all new jerseys coming out.  Photos started going up on social media almost immediately.

Creating the Difference Logo on UBA JerseysCreating the Difference Logo on Back of UBA JerseysCreating the Difference Logo on Back of UBA Jerseys

With CtD being a company based on education, we have eliminated conflicts with other companies.  That grows the sport because we are working with other companies to support the bowler. UBA CEO Phil Chance reached out to say, “This is going to be really good for the UBA and for bowling.  CTD has worked hard to create an opportunity to educate bowlers about everything from how to play the lanes, what bowling balls to bring to an event and why cleaning your bowling ball is important. We think this partnership is going to help both of our brands to reach more people and continue growing the sport.”

Creating the Difference CEO Ronald Hickland Jr and UBA CEO Philip Chance

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  • Great job CTD. I’m glad to be a part of this innovative family. Let’s keep Creating The Difference across the world.

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