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Introducing Jacked: Elevating Continuous Ball Motion Performance

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Since 2015, Creating the Difference has been at the forefront of revolutionizing bowling ball performance. Our line of immersion-based products started with the debut of our pioneering product, The Clear. This unique formula acts as a detox, extracting absorbed oil and dirt to restore your ball's performance.

Driven by a spirit of innovation, we've not only mastered restoration but also transformation. In 2022, we introduced AMP'D, an immersion performance enhancer tailored for reactive bowling balls. AMP'D enhances the backend reaction, giving your ball an Angular Ball Motion Shape without altering its surface. Watch this video to learn more.

In 2024, we're introducing a game-changer that focuses on the midlane, ensuring superior continuation through the pins.

Meet Jacked Continuous Motion Performance Enhancer, fortified with Tackify.

Building upon the success of AMP'D, Jacked takes performance to new heights. Unlike its angular counterpart, Jacked centers on the midlane, specifically focusing on the continuous ball motion category.

Learn more about the 4 types of Ball Motion here.



For an in-depth understanding of Jacked and what it can do for you, watch this video.

Witness a significant surge in performance from the midlane all the way through the pins. This is Continuous ball motion—the most coveted of the four motion types for its enduring effectiveness.

Tackify, a polymer additive, not only boosts performance but also extends the lifespan of your reactive bowling ball. When used as directed, Jacked also repels dirt, keeping your ball cleaner for longer.

This product is not a bowling ball cleaner.

When should you use Jacked?

Jacked - Shredded Package includes:

  • 1 Gallon of Jacked
  • Instructions
  • Bucket
  • Funnel
  • 2-pack of CtD Absorption Pads
  • CtD Ball Cup
  • 4oz That Wow Factor HM
  • CtD Intro Kit:
    • 4 oz Life After Death
    • TruCuT Scuff Mark Remover
    • Microfiber towel (color may vary)

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Why would I pay over $100 on a product like this? Why not just go buy a new bowling ball?

Jacked can change the reaction of ANY reactive bowling ball and make it more continuous. The best part is that Jacked is reusable. Here are the top 3 situations where you can use Jacked.

  • You have a bowling ball you do not like and want to give it a new reaction.
  • Restore ball reaction in a continuous bowling ball.
  • Add additional continuous shape in a brand new ball.

So instead of spending $200+ a bowling ball you don't like PLUS $200+ more to buy another ball to replace that ball, why not give Jacked a try!

What's difference between Jacked and AMP'D?


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How to use Jacked:

Step 1: Prepare your bowling ball surface with TruCut Sanding Pads or TruCut Hand Applied Polish PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax.

Step 2: Prior to immersion, clean your bowling ball with Life After Death and a TruCuT Scuff Mark Remover. A clean ball is imperative.

Step 3: Position your bowling ball in the provided bucket with the thumb hole up (or fingers up for no thumb bowlers) for easy removal.

Step 4: Slowly pour Jacked around the ball until it's an inch away from the thumb or fingers, depending on orientation.

Step 5: Soak the ball for a maximum of 1 hour. 

Step 6: Use a CtD Absorption Pad to remove any surface oil and dirt. Discard the pad after use.

Step 7: Gently lift the ball from Jacked and place it on a ball cup. Allow the ball to sit for 10 minutes to absorb any residual liquid. Apply That Wow Factor HM to remove phasing. Repeat if needed. The process is now complete.

For those not phased by temporary whitening (phasing) that may occur 10 to 20 minutes post-treatment, the process is complete. This phasing actually helps repel dirt, keeping your ball cleaner. 

Step 8: Carefully pour JACKED back into the gallon jug. DO NOT LEAVE JACEKD IN THE BUCKET.

For those not phased by temporary whitening (phasing) that may occur 10 to 20 minutes post-treatment, the process is complete. This phasing actually helps repel dirt, keeping your ball cleaner. 

Step 9: Wipe off any excess liquid with a clean towel.  


1. How does Jacked differ from The Clear?
- The Clear is designed for basic de-oiling, while Jacked enhances midlane performance. Use The Clear for restoration, followed by Jacked for Continuous Motion Shape.

2. Why does my reactive ball turn white sometimes after use?
- As the ball absorbs Jacked's polymers, they interact with the ball's plasticizer, resulting in a cloudy appearance. This indicates improved performance and a longer ball life.

3. Do I need plasticizer in my bowling ball?
- Yes, during the ball's formation, plasticizer creates pores. A small amount remains, preventing the ball from drying out. However, excessive plasticizer can hinder performance. Tackify in Jacked enhances performance.

4. How often can I use Jacked?
- Jacked is safe after every set, with recommended use every 30 to 50 games for optimal impact.

5. Does Jacked alter my ball's surface?
- No, Jacked does not change the ball's surface. Surface alterations should be done prior to immersing the ball.

6. Do I need to do anything after treatment?
- Complete all surface changes before using Jacked. Any whitening will fade on its own. Use That Wow Factor HM for appearance concerns. For dirt, clean with a bowling ball cleaner like Life After Death.

7. Does Jacked change the ball's hardness?
- No, Jacked does not affect the ball's hardness.

8. Will it damage the core if it gets wet?
- No, Jacked does not compromise the core's integrity.

9. Will it affect my grips or thumb slug/interchangable?
- No, Jacked does not impact glue, grips, slugs, or inserts.

10. Will my ball gain weight?
- A negligible gain of less than 1/100 of a pound can occur. This does not affect the ball's weight integrity.

11. Does Jacked work on Urethane or Plastic balls?
- It won't affect their performance but will keep them cleaner for longer.

12. What if my ball is already Continuous. Do I still need Jacked?-

-Jacked is for all reactive bowling balls. It will increase the mid lane performance all the way through the pins on any ball regardless of the designed ball motion shape. So yes you should use it even on balls that are already continuous or traction or angular.

13. Can Jacked be reused?

- Yes, it can! The key with being able to reuse Jacked, is using a CtD Absorption Pad to remove dirt and oil that come to the surface. Without using an Absorption Pad, Jacked becomes contaminated. Contamination is the number one way to ruin the performance impact of Jacked.

Jacked is considered a bowling ball treatment similar to a surface change. USBC does not approve ball treatments like Jacked or surface changes. 

Experience the next level of bowling ball performance with Jacked Continuous Motion Performance Enhancer. Elevate your game today!


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