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Three years ago today, I was fired from my dream job of designing bowling balls. I thought that was the worst day of my life. In retrospect, it was one of the most empowering days of my life. In the last three years, I have grown more as a person than I did in the prior 13 years. I thought that I was helping bowling by designing bowling balls. Maybe it did have an impact, but little did I know that there was so much more to helping grow bowling; but, first I had to become a better person.

They say you are a sum of the people you hang around.  I had put myself in a situation that was unhealthy, destructive and not growing bowling. When I was fired and went through the roller coaster of emotions, I realized that my true passion was helping people through education. I had been a student of the game my whole life and had now been given opportunities to help others.  I met a bowler’s life coach… yep such a thing exists. He worked with me and helped me become a much better person. He gave me a life plan that included 12 constructs to add to my life immediately.  I want to share them with you as I feel these can apply to a lot of situations.  

They were:

  1. Listen to what people do; not to what they say.
  2. Love is a verb; not just a feeling.
  3. Use the five A’s of charm to create psychological debt with people.  Everyone who you come into contact with wants:  Attention, Admiration, Appreciation, Acceptance and Approval.
  4. Some of your friends and family want you to do well… but they don’t want you to do better than them.
  5. Own all of your issues from now on whether you created them, or not.  If you don’t own them, you can’t change them.   It is all on you!
  6. Please learn to say and use the word “No.”  This way you won’t be stressed out at any time.
  7. Monitor all of your commitments.  Our commitments define who and what we are.
  8. Be mindful and careful who you share your knowledge and expertise with.  If they don’t add value to you, then do not add value to them; unless you receive some satisfaction from it.
  9. You have a plenty market period left in your life.   You have at least 40 more years, with a solid foundation, to finish creating the life that you always wanted.
  10. Do not listen to anyone who provides negative reinforcement in regards to your life.
  11. Not everyone has the right to speak into your life.
  12. Please read one book a month on some type of inspiration.  

This will direct your thinking in the right direction.  These lessons have changed my life for the better.  If you are in a dark place, depressed, or just unhappy, I encourage you to read them aloud and take them to heart. Sometimes, in order to become better, you have to break free and start over. I am thankful to my family and real friends. You see, real friends are there when you have nothing to offer.  

Today I am healthier, physically stronger, much happier, and most of all grateful for this day 3 years ago.  

I am focused and committed to Creating the Difference in bowling.

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  • Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge to inspire. Your blog came to me exactly when I needed it and I praise God I was led to this blog.

    BTW, I love and use your products religiously and promote them whenever I bowl!

    Pat on

  • Sometimes we read , hear or say something just when we need to. This 12 things were just what I needed to hear today. Several of them hit me square in the forehead! By posting this blog you have done what you said. Created a difference. Thanks for sharing.

    Michael Benson on

  • I’m proud at how you never gave up on your dreams and how you transform some of the negative thoughts that we sometime can think of into positive motivational ideas and saying for others. I’m proud that you became a teacher of what you do and have no problem of sharing with others. I feel you have demonstrated that you have picked up a few of my good qualities in life that I also believe in. Continue your good deeds and God will continue to bless you abundantly in His will. Dad is proud of you and I love love.

    Ron Sr. on

  • hello ron. yes i’am you are on a better path in your life. all i say is that i enjoy all of your products and use them every time i bowl. i won a abt six game qualifier on 2-3-18 for $ 800.00. then the following week i won $ 400.00 in a abt regular event. all because of using your products. sfsc, that purple stuff, that wow factor. plus i am bowling much better and thinking ahead of each shot. thank you for your bowling knowledge and willing to help people bowl better, woody.

    woody jordan on

  • Ron keep up the great work you do dont let anything stop you from living your dream my friend

    George on

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