CtD Launches TruCut Stabilipad

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CtD Launches The TruCut Stabilipad

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Advanced Surface Management Kit.

As the leader in sanding and polishing products for bowlers, Creating the Difference is always looking for new innovations to help athletes perform at their very best. One of the numerous obstacles that bowlers are confronted with is having sufficient control over their hand-held sanding pads - if not managed correctly, this can result in a lack of consistency when it comes to achieving the desired level of grit on each ball. That's why we decided to find an easy solution that would address these issues once and for all!


TruCut Stabilipad

The TruCut Stabilipad offers an impressive 1" of thickness, featuring a flexible foam core and hook velcro on one side as well as loop velcro on the other. Whether utilized dry or wet, this pad's expansive flexibility allows it to perfectly adjust to your ball while providing ample support for your hand.

With the TruCut Sanding Pad attached to the Stabilipad, it is much simpler to securely hold and manipulate when adjusting the surface of a bowling ball. The combination of sanding pad & CtD Premium Polishing Pad provides even more control for polishing stages. The Stabilipad can be used with the CtD Surface Mitt or even a resurfacing machine.

The TruCut Stabilipad can be purchased here.

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  • This product is awesome! The way it stabilizes the pad so you have 100% control when putting surface on a ball provides even cuts. This is what’s needed to have consistent roll.

    Steven on

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