CtD Inks 3 Year Deal with PBA

Posted by Ronald Hickland on

Creating the Difference has been a long time supporter of the PBA. Since 2015, CtD has helped pros and celebrities alike.

Last year, CtD made the leap to become limited product registered with the PBA. In doing so, that allowed some PBA Players to use Creating the Difference products like That Purple Stuff, TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax and TruCut Sanding Pads.  Furthering the relationship, in November CtD signed 8 time PBA Tour Champion Ryan Ciminelli to a Professional Staff contract.  Click Here for that full story.

This means Ryan will not only be able to use the products, but will also help grow the Creating The Difference brand on the PBA Tour. Ryan said “I have won using the TruCut Sanding pads. Understanding surface is a key to success out here, and these pads and polish definitely give me an advantage." 

Moving forward, Creating the Difference has chosen to strengthen its relationship with the PBA by signing a 3 year deal for Full Product Registration.  This gives the ability to sign more players than the limited registration they had previously.  The deal begins in 2020 and will last through 2022.  

Product Registration Benefits include:

  • Players can use Registered Product in all PBA Events
  • Registrant can offer awards, prizes and other incentives to players
  • Registrant can place Registrant logo on player jersey - up to 2 logos for accessories Registrants
  • Registrant can store Registered Product in PBA player services vehicle - 1 shelf for accessories Registrants
  • Reference to Registered Product will appear on PBA.com website as an "Official Approved Equipment of the PBA"
  • Reference to Registered Product will appear on designated player webpage on PBA.com website
  • Reference to Registered Product on Registered Product slideshow displayed at PBA Events
  • License to use PBA Product Registration Logo on Registrant marketing material
  • Booth space for Registered Product at designated PBA Events
  • VIP passes to attend PBA Events - up to 5 passes for accessories Registrants 
  • Registrant can contract with players to wear/use Registered Product   

"The PBA has offered tremendous upside to its sponsors with the relationship with Fox and now with Bowlero taking over.  Now that we are fully registered as an accessory company we have an opportunity to continue to grow our brand on the PBA platform. This is an exciting time for the bowlers and bowling in general. We look forward to working with the PBA and Bowlero as well as supporting the players." said CEO Ronald Hickland. 

For more information or to join the staff of Creating the Difference, visit their website: https://ctdbowling.com/pages/staff-inquiries


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