Creating the Difference Partners with Genesis Bowling

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Over the past year, Creating the Difference has worked diligently to come up with new and innovative ways to grow the sport of bowling.  We believe creating an atmosphere of inclusion which aspires to be educational and positive is the way to do this.  We strive to offer our staffers things they can’t get with other companies.  This comes mainly in the way of education.  However, we are also partnering with other companies in the industry to offer added perks to our staff.  

We recently met with Noel Vasquez, National Sales Manager with Genesis Bowling.  Genesis Bowling is the brain behind K-Motion Tape, Excel Tape as well as many other great products.  This meeting led to a partnership allowing Creating the Difference to give away two Genesis Staff contracts to our staff members.  When we have opportunities like this, we want to make sure the winners will be true ambassadors of our brand as well as set a good example for our partner.

For this particular giveaway, we reserved one contract to be given to a member chosen by our management team.  Our management team has chosen Rose Wooden from Maryland to receive the first staff contract.  Rose is an integral part of our team.  She bowls multiple leagues each week; including one with her daughter.  She is also the Director of Franchise Development for the UBA.  Rose has helped us to grow our brand along the east coast and we know she will be an asset for Genesis Bowling as well.  In as statement on Facebook, Rose said, “This is such an amazing group. I would like to thank the Management Team for giving me this opportunity to represent CTD. Thank you for the many opportunities you present for all of us. Best TEAM in the business.”

For the second contract, we asked interested staff members to submit a video or essay outlining how they could use this contract to grow bowling.  After narrowing it down to the top two, we let the rest of the staff vote for the winner.  When we received the videos and essays, we were beyond impressed to see what our staff is doing in their communities to help grow our sport.  In the end, the staff selected Ralph Lake out of Michigan to receive the second contract.  Ralph’s essay outlined his passion for bowling as well as how he is helping the youth in his area to become engaged in bowling.  Ralph is always a positive voice within our staff group and on his own Facebook page.  We know that his positive attitude and passion for bowling will help to grow both brands as well as the sport as a whole.  After making the announcement, Ralph made the following comment on Facebook, “ Words cannot express what I’m feeling... first and foremost congrats [Rose Wooden].... I want to thank Ali, Tim and Ron for such an amazing group. And want to thank my family especially fellow staffer and my best friend, Karen Tyson Lake, for always pushing me to be the best I can. We are not #teamCTD we are The #CtdFamily”  

We could not agree more and we are grateful for each and every one of our staff members as well as the partnerships we have with companies like Genesis Bowling.  If you would like more information on becoming a member of our staff, check out our website.  We would love to have you.  You can also learn more about Genesis Bowling by visiting their website.


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