Creating the Difference Acquires Movement Bowling

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June 1, 2016

Former bowling ball designer for Ebonite International Inc, Ronald Hickland Jr, is Creating the Difference in the Chicagoland bowling market.  He founded Creating the Difference in May 2015 primarily as a coaching company with a vision of helping bowlers and growing the sport of bowling.  With 15 years on the manufacturing side, Ronald decided to focus on listening and helping consumers with his new company.  

In September 2015, Creating the Difference launched its first bowling ball cleaner, That Purple Stuff.  The cleaner is approved for use anytime by the USBC and has taken off internationally among bowlers of all skill levels.  Ronald has used the cleaner as a tool to teach bowlers about the importance of cleaning their bowling balls to keep a more consistent reaction while bowling.

February 1, 2016, Creating the Difference launched its first Creating the Difference Bowling Store inside of Lakewood Bowl & Grill in Richton Park, IL.  Ron hired Drew Singleton to manage the company’s first store.  Drew came to the team with a Master’s in Business with over a decade of industry experience including managing both pro shops and bowling centers.

Creating the Difference will take over Movement Bowling located inside Burr Oak Bowl in Blue Island, IL.  Movement Bowling owner, Brian Gunn will stay on as Store Manager of Creating the Difference Bowling Store 2.  The grand opening of the new store will be June 1, 2016.  “With Brian Gunn’s experience and passion for the game, he’s a perfect fit for Creating the Difference.  We plan to have him not only manage the bowling store but also extend him further into coaching,” said company CEO, Ronald Hickland.

Brian Gunn is “proud to be a part of Creating the Difference and ready to get started helping bowlers. [He has] known Ron for 20 years and see[s] the vision he has for the game.”  Brian added that he’s excited to see what this opportunity can do for him and his family.  

As a part of this acquisition, Drew Singleton will be promoted to Vice President of Store Operations.  With Drew’s background in business and his experience, Creating the Difference finds him to be a perfect fit to head up their bowling store operations.  They believe the prop shop is the lifeblood of the industry and they are committed to educating prop shops and consumers to help grow the sport.  As Vice President of Store Operations, Drew will be spearheading the company’s efforts of pro shop acquisition and consumer education.

Drew is quoted as saying, “CtD is growing very quickly.  In 5 months, we have acquired two stores and we are looking to add a third by the end of the year.  Brian is an excellent coach with a great attitude.  We expect him to be an asset to helping us grow the vision of Creating the Difference.”  

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