Bowling for Beginners - TIMING Education is Creating The Difference

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Bowling is a fun sport that almost anyone can participate in.  Once you decide to start getting competitive, there will be a lot of new terms thrown at you.  

One of those is TIMING

Timing is in reference to getting your steps and your swing in sync with each other to create a more repeatable shot. Repeating shots is the key to higher scores.

If you're just starting to bowl, you should use a 4 step approach. This means you will take 4 steps to get to the foul line and release the ball.

The key to proper timing is to start the ball and your foot at the same time for the first step.  The best illustration for this is to pretend there is a string attaching your foot and your hand - one can't move without the other.  If you are left-handed, it is your left hand and left foot that should be moving in sync.  If you are right-handed, it should be your right hand and right foot that are moving in sync.

This video is an example of proper timing.  My foot and hand start at the same time:

A good sign that you are in time is that you can post or hold the finish position after the ball is released.

This video is an example of improper timing.  My feet start first and the ball stays in place:

Notice how I fall out of the shot at the end.  Falling out of the shot is an easy way to know there's something wrong with your timing. It also causes inconsistency in release and direction. 

The rest of the sequence is below.  We will go into more depth in future blogs.

Step 2: The ball should make a rounded motion and be at the bottom of the ball side leg at the end of the step.

Step 3: The ball should continue in the same motion and be at the top of the backswing at the end of the third step.

Step 4: Final Step. The ball should come down and be released by the non-ball side ankle at the end of the step or slide.

Stay tuned for more quick tips and tricks for beginners or for seasoned bowlers who may have forgotten the basics.

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