Minimum Advertised Pricing Guidelines (MAP)

Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy

In an effort to protect the long-term interest of not only Creating The Difference, but also all of our dealers, distributors and customers, we have unilaterally adopted a Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy for selected products. This policy is to ensure the preservation of Creating The Difference’s superior technology, quality products and product value; and also to properly establish the brand and reputation of these products in the appropriate market segment.


Although resellers remain free to establish their own prices, Creating the Difference will enforce compliance with its established MRP as noted on the current Price List and MAP Guidelines Sheet. Creating The Difference will verify, to its satisfaction, that any dealer, retailer or reseller or their distributor (“Dealer”), which has purchased an MRP Product from such dealer or distributor, has not advertised, offered, or sold such MRP Product at a net retail sales price less than the MRP established and announced by Creating The Difference. If a violation is found, Creating The Difference will email and/or call any violator with a warning of compliance requested. The violator has 72 hours to bring any and all products back into compliance. If this is not done, Creating The Difference will then, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders for a product with a specified MRP. Additionally, Creating the Difference will refuse to accept any new orders for the specified product from any violating “Dealer” for a period of six (6) months. At Creating The Difference’s election, a third occurrence will result in the indefinite discontinuation of any further sales of such MRP Product to the dealer or their distributor.  


Any discounting of the MRP for an MRP Product; including, without limitation, advertising, offering or providing coupons, rebates, free accessories, or payment of sales tax for the customer - will be regarded as a violation of this MRP Policy.  The following will also be considered violations of this policy: (a) advertising any net price for an MRP Product less than the MRP in connection with any advertisement of a trade-in offer for any other product; or (b) displaying in, or in association with, any advertisement for a MRP Product any specific trade-in price or value for any trade-in of any other product.  


Creating The Difference will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this policy, as it is non-negotiable and will not be altered for any dealer or distributor. In addition, Creating The Difference neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this policy. Nothing in the policy shall constitute an agreement between Creating The Difference and any dealer or distributor on any subject including that the dealer or distributor will comply with this policy, or will sell any product at or above any particular price.  

Creating The Difference will not discuss the MRP Policy with any dealer or distributor. Accordingly, all Creating The Difference personnel have been specifically instructed not to discuss the policy beyond the content of this statement with anyone outside of Creating The Difference. Creating The Difference will unilaterally determine whether MRP Products are being advertised, offered or sold at prices other than in compliance with the Creating The Difference Minimum Retail Price Policy.


This Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy is applicable only in the USA & Canada.

If you so choose, you may forward information about non-compliance with the MAP Policy or the MRP Policy We thank you for your cooperation.



That Purple Stuff - 4 oz (spray top or flip top)


That Purple Stuff - 8 oz (spray top or flip top)


So Fresh & So Clean Bowling Ball Life Extender - 8 oz


That Wow Factor HM - 4 oz


That Wow Factor HM - 8 oz


That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner - 4 oz


That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner - 8 oz


TruCut Conditioner - 4 oz


TruCut Conditioner - 8 oz


CtD Power Pad


BFP (Big Fluffy Pad)


Dry Pad Pro


5” TruCut Sanding Pads - Singles


5” TruCut Sanding Pad - 3 Packs


5” TruCut Sanding Pad - 6 Packs


6” TruCut Sanding Pad - Singles


6” TruCut Sanding Pad - 3 Packs


6” TruCut Sanding Pad - 6 Packs


TruCut Hand Applied Polish - 32 oz


TruCut Hand Applied Polish Kit - 4 oz with pad


TruCut Scuff Mark Remover