Radical Katana Strike

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The Katana Strike has an RG of 2.501, a differential of 0.051, and an intermediate differential of 0.020. The Strike, like its predecessor, the Katana Assault, yields a quick response to friction and lots of continuation through the pins. The Katana Strike uses the same base cover HyperKinetic22 (HK22) but now in a hybrid form (HK22h). This new cover formula HK22h creates more mid-lane motion and hook than its counterpart, the Katana Assault. The Katana Strike takes the Katana lineup to an all-new level. More hook, more flip, more recovery, and more strikes. A monster flip ball with more total hook, the perfect complement to the popular and great-selling Katana Assault.

Color Black/Orange/Smoke
Core Katana Assault Asymmetric 
Coverstock HK-22
Factory Finish 500, 1000, 3000
Weights 14-16 lbs
Ball Motion Traction

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