Life After Death | Bowling Ball Cleaner + Life Extender

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Life After Death is a USBC Approved Before and After Use type of bowling ball cleaning product. It deviates from the traditional ball cleaning methods that use solvents as the primary cleaning agent to remove dirt and oil. Instead Life After Death introduces a new and much more powerful way to clean all types of bowling balls using a combination of proprietary cleaning agents and chemical resins. This product is industrial grade, non-toxic, non-flammable, and is enhanced with an additive called Tackify that is made for polymers (bowling ball coverstocks). 

How Does it Work?

Life after Death works in 3 different ways:

First it breaks down the chemical bonds of oil, dirt, and scuffs that allow them to adhere to the bowling ball. This allows them to be wiped away with ease. 

Second it penetrates reactive coverstocks and deposits Tackify which swaps plasticizers with chemical resins and restores performance over time. This helps fight ball death by breaking down lane oil, and increasing the backend reaction of the ball due to the Tackify additive being deposited in a reactive bowling ball over time.

Finally, it leaves a microscopic layer of protection (residue) on the surface of the ball. This claim has been verified by a independent lab, and is what makes this product revolutionary. This layer acts as a protecting barrier making future cleaning even easier.  It helps keep dirt and grime from sticking to the ball. This makes it recommended for use on any type of bowling ball. For plastic and urethane balls, it can help limit oil spreading on the surface of the ball. This can improve the consistency of the ball reaction. Since these types of balls do not absorb oil. Yes, this is legal and this product is approved by USBC for Before and After Use.

After application, you may notice the oil that remains on the surface of the ball appears and or smears less. You may also notice less visible scuff marks during future bowling sessions.  This is caused by the protective layer working and can last 3 to 9 games.

How To Use Life After Death

Step 1. Spray half of the ball with Life After Death and let it sit on the ball for 30 seconds minimum.

Step 2. Spray Life After Death liberally on a CtD Scuff Mark Remover.

Step 3 Use the CtD Scuff Mark Remover to wipe the half of the ball that has been sprayed. Be careful around finger and thumb holes going over them aggressively, can damage the scuff mark remover. Be gentle going over them.

Step 4. Wipe the ball off with a CtD Power Pad.

Step 5. Flip the ball over and repeat steps 1-4.


Do not subject this product to extreme temperatures. Temperatures less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit can cause this product to freeze.

Product Options:

  • 8 oz without Scuff Mark Remover
  • 32 oz
  • 1 Gallon
  • 8 oz with FREE Scuff Mark Remover
  • 8 oz kit
    • 8 oz Life After Death
    • CtD Power Pad
    • Scuff Mark Remover
  • 32 oz kit
    • 32 oz Life After Death
    • 2 Scuff Mark Removers
    • CtD Power Pad
  • Gallon kit
    • 1 Gallon Life After Death
    • 2 Scuff Mark Removers
    • CtD Power Pad

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Kevin Fukuda
A Great Ball Cleaner

This product passes the feel test (tackiness) and does clean more than the product I used. A little more costly but worth it.

Zach Storm
Life After Death!

It only takes one time using this stuff to see the results! I’m a convert!

A wonderful product.

The product is a great invention that contains the right kind of chemicals to remove ball scuff marks, and any residual oil and dirt, that household cleaners don't touch.

Reginal Coleman

Best on the market

James Gregory
Routine ball maintenance

This stuff not only cleans your ball better than anything I have used it also doesn't knock off the shine or dull surface while brining back the tack and ball motion off the break point.