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Creating the Difference Launches TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax


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Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Creating the Difference.  In 2016, Creating The Difference launched a product called That Wow Factor TR. This product was the first in a line of products designed to alter bowling ball performance, without altering the surface of the bowling ball.

Check out this video of That Wow Factor TR

This product was used during competition. In 2019, rule 18 regarding using bowling ball cleaners during competition was changed. This rule change allowed a bowling ball cleaner to only be used before and after competition. This rule change effectively removed That Wow Factor TR from the Creating the Difference product line. As it has to be applied every shot.


Urethane vs Reactive

In bowling a major difference between Urethane and Reactive bowling balls can be summed up by simply saying:  Urethane bowling balls don't absorb oil. Reactive bowling balls do.

Watch this video to see why.

Oil Absorption and it's role in performance
Oil absorption is one of the major components that impacts a balls ability to hook. Balls that absorb oil can create friction earlier than balls that don't. This means that the potential for increased hook is higher if a ball absorbs oil. 


Take a look at the above picture.  You will notice, the image is showing a microscopic view of two types of coverstocks. A Urethane Purple Hammer on the left and a Reactive Storm HyRoad on the right. Notice the black (dots) holes on the Reactive ball that are spread out across the image. These are the pores in the Reactive coverstock that absorb oil. A true Urethane ball, like the Purple Hammer, does not have pores to absorb oil. If you want to know more about Urethane and Reactive coverstocks watch this video from USBC.

CREDIT: The Sport of Bowling - USBC YouTube
What about the other "Urethane" balls?
Not all Urethane balls are really Urethane, and not all Reactive balls absorb oil at the same rate.  This is where marketing coverstock names comes into play.  Names like MicroCell Polymer, Not Urethane (NU), Controll Urethane, along with other names are used by manufacturers to market bowling balls to their consumers.
In 2023, the PBA decided to clarify the definition of a Urethane ball by using oil absorption as the criteria and saying the following.

"We have a current list of traditional Urethane balls which would be the initial “Urethane-Like” balls. If any of these are greater than 78.0HD and made since 8/1/22 they would be legal for PBA National Tour competition after 1/1/2024 (all balls on the list made after 8/1/22 are legal for the rest of this 2023 PBA season). For the future, we would test any new ball for oil absorption and anything greater than 45 minutes would be considered “Urethane-Like.” Any ball in the Urethane-like category would then need to be a minimum of 78.0HD. New polyester/plastic balls will mostly likely fall into this category as well, but should have no issue being above the 78.0HD minimum. Any new ball with an oil absorption of less than 45 minutes would then fall into the standard category and be allowed to utilize the 73.0HD minimum. New balls in this category will need a unique identifier, like a pin or marking on the ball."

CREDIT: PBA. Link to the full article.

    If you are interested in why hardness matters so much watch this video.

    Here is more education on hardness, specifically with new 78D hardness Urethane bowling balls made in response to the PBA rule change.

    CtD has been working with its development partner Turtle Wax to work on creating a product for bowling that would stop or minimize oil absorption in order to create a Urethane type performance out of any Reactive ball. We also wanted the ability to remove this performance attribute when so desired.  This type of product would allow bowlers to get more performance options out of their existing equipment, and more specifically help bowlers who struggle with too much hook due to:

    • Slow Ball Speed 
    • Wet/Dry Lane Conditions
    • Transition 
    • Rev Dominant Players
    • Drier Lane Conditions
    • When a Smoother Reaction is Desired
    • When a Spare Ball Hooks Too Much
    • Young Kids That Can't Control Their Hook 
    • Seniors That Struggle to Get Their Ball Down The Lane
    • Collegiate Bowlers who are bowling on Tougher Sport Patterns
    • Youth Bowlers Who Can Only Take so Many Balls to a Tournament 
    • PBA Players Who Want The Performance of Urethane Without The Additional Hardness Constraint of a Urethane Bowling Ball on Tour 
    • People That Watch Their Friends Throw The Purple Hammer But They Can't 😉
    • Anyone Who Wants to Change Their Reaction on a Ball They Don't Currently Like

    After working with Turtle Wax's Research and Development team. We were able to develop our most revolutionary product to date. 

    Introducing TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax 

    This product is a semi permanent gloss that has the ability to stop or slow oil absorption in any Reactive bowling ball. This product changes ball reaction drastically and can make your Reactive ball perform just like Urethane.  The altered performance is designed to last 6 to 9 games when done on a ball spinner or 3 to 6 games when done properly by hand. This product can be completely removed by using TruCut Sanding Pads.  It is an easy to use liquid that provides a durable bonded polymer coat on the surface of the bowling ball.

    There is a proprietary combination of coating technologies combined that provide a durable pore penetrating shield on the surface of the bowling ball.  TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax has four unique attributes on a bowling ball.

    1. It makes the bowling ball oleophobic (oil repelling).
    2. Stops or slows oil absorption in all Reactive bowling balls
    3. Provides superior resistance to dirt and scuff marks sticking to the bowling ball.
    4. Feels slick to the touch, making it a requirement to use two hands to pickup the bowling ball.

    You can see from the image below of a bowling ball that has been treated vs one that hasn't. The treated ball literally repels lane oil and can cause it to bead up.

    Important Note

    This product is not designed to provide a high shine to a bowling ball and it is NOT a wax. It's primary purpose is to alter bowling ball performance.  If you are looking for a high shine appearance please look at our TruCut Hand Applied Polish PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax product.

    TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax is a thin liquid and is not thick like a polish.

    The Performance of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax

    TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax provides increased skid through both the front and middle portions of the lane. While significantly decreasing the backend performance when added to ANY bowling ball. This is why we recommend sanding the ball with a TruCut Sanding Pad like 500 grit FIRST before applying TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax. Using a higher base surface grit can make a Reactive bowling ball go much straighter. Expect to see about 5-10 boards less hook, depending on the type of bowling ball used and how you throw the bowling ball. 

    How to Use TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax 

    In order to create a Urethane performance from any Reactive bowling ball follow these steps.

    Before using TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax your bowling ball should be cleaned with CtD's Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner Plus Life Extender, using a TruCut Scuff Mark Remover if needed.

    Using the CtD Bowling Ball Spinner:

    1. Sand the Reactive bowling ball using a 500 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad and TruCut Conditioner on 4 sides. You will only need to go one pass on each side with a TruCut 500 grit pad. Watch this video on how to sand your bowling ball on a ball spinner 

    Note: Using non TruCut sanding pads may result in a non desired result and inconsistent performance. This is highly not recommended.

    2. Shake the bottle well before using the TruCut Gloss.

    3. Apply a half dollar size amount to the Microfiber side of a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Power Pad.

    4. Using a up and down motion on 4 sides of the bowling ball go for 20 seconds per side.  Each time you change sides apply an additional half dollar size amount of TruCut Gloss.  This ensures that multiple layers of protection are applied.

    5. You will notice the ball will begin to feel slick to the touch. This is an indication that the product has been applied.  You MUST however USE 2 HANDS to remove the ball from the spinner.

    6. Wipe the ball dry with a clean CtD Power Pad or CtD BAM Pad.

    7. IMPORTANT: Do not use any other bowling ball cleaner on your ball to wipe the ball off other than CtD Life After Death. Using other products can reduce the effectiveness of the TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

    8. For maximum durability allow the ball to sit 30 mins before use.

    If you prefer to have the ball go straighter, use a higher base grit like TruCut 1000, 1500, or 2000.  For maximum straightness, have the base grit at TruCut 2000, 3000, 4000, P5000D on a ball spinner. Then polish the ball with TruCut Hand Applied Polish PLUS and finally follow it with TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

     If you are interested in watching how the application process works, watch this.



    This is what will happen if you do not put surface on your ball before using TruCut Gloss. Plus a little trick using That Wow Factor HM.




    How long does this product last on the ball and can it be removed?

    TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax lasts 6 to 9 games when used with a ball spinner or 3 to 6 when applied properly by hand. It can be removed by using a TruCut Sanding Pad.

    What happens if I do nothing to my ball after the 9 games?  
    Your ball will work it's way back to how it was before treatment.

    What is the shelf life of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax?

    The life span is 5 years for unopened products when kept at room temperature. Do not let this product freeze as this will drastically shorten the shelf life. Normal life span is around 1 to 2 years when opened.

    If I sand TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax off will my Reactive ball absorb oil like normal?

    Yes, as long as you use TruCut Sanding Pads the ball will return to its original absorption rate and performance properties. You need to use at least a TruCut 2000 grit pad to remove all of the TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax as it does penetrate and bond to the surface of the ball.

    Can I still wipe my ball off after every shot?

    Yes, it is highly recommended that you use the CtD BAM pad to wipe the ball off after every shot.  This will remove oil buildup, and not remove the TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

    Can I clean my ball off Before and After competition?
    Yes, however only use CtD Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner. Any other Bowling Ball Cleaner can shorten the lifespan of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

    How often do I need to reapply TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax?

    It is recommended to reapply every 6 to 9 games to ensure maximum consistent performance and longevity.  

    Is this product USBC Approved?

    USBC doesn't approve products like TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax. They have looked at it and have told us they do not have an issue with it. You CAN use a ball treated with TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax in USBC competition. But, you CANNOT apply this product during competition. It can only be applied to your bowling ball before and after competition.

    Is this product PBA Approved?

    Similar to USBC the PBA doesn't approve products like this. They are aware of it and do not have a issue with it. 

    Can TruCut Gloss be purchased by itself?

    At this time, TruCut Gloss is only available in a kit. The smallest kit offered for TruCut Gloss is an 8oz Bottle of TruCut Gloss and a 500 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad

    Will my treated ball create carry down similar to a Urethane ball?

    Sort of. This product is designed to make your ball behave like Urethane. That means carry down is possible. However a major difference here is that most Reactive balls on the market tend to flare much more than the current true Urethane balls.  You can verify this by looking at the Differential core numbers.  This means you may not experience the same amount of carry down as traditional Urethane bowling balls.

    Surface Change: 

    All bowling balls experience surface change through use.  A bowling ball will naturally migrate from whatever finish it is at.  To a surface that is 4700 grit.  The further away from this ending grit a ball is, the faster it will migrate towards it.  Reactive bowling balls will migrate faster than a true Urethane will. Knowing this makes it important to understand that surface change can impact the ball reaction as well. So keep up with your bowling ball surface. If you want to find out what your actual surface is. Take a look at our CtD Surface Scanner.

    If I apply multiple coats on the ball will that enhance the impact of the product?

    Yes this product can be layered on itself. 

    Is this product like RainX, Car Wax, Finesse-It or any other bowling product?
    No, this isn't your grand dad's polish.  In fact it is not a polish at all, it's called Gloss for a reason. The technology behind this product is something that is unique to bowling.

    Do I have to sand the ball to TruCut 500 grit?

    No, but that is the most effective way to get a Urethane shape performance out of your Reactive bowling ball.  The higher the base grit used the straighter the ball will go. Have you ever seen someone using a polished true Urethane ball?  The answer is No and there is a good reason for that. 🤣

    If that doesn't make sense watch this?

    Can I use this on a Urethane Ball?

    Yes and it will dramatically increase the length of a Urethane ball.

    Can I use it on a plastic ball?

    Yes if the desired reaction is straight this is a great product to use on a plastic ball or spare ball.

    Does this product change the hardness of a bowling ball?

    No, there is no impact to hardness when using this product.

    Can you use this product by hand?

    Yes, you can add a 500 Grit TruCut surface to the bowling ball then you can apply TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax using a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Power Pad by hand and let sit for 30 mins before use.  This type of application will last 3 to 6 games.  It is recommended to use a spinner to ensure even coverage and to get the longest lasting results possible of 6 to 9 games.

    You can order this product HERE.

    If you have any additional questions please email us at


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