Sanding Grit Line Performance

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Use-It By CtD pads produce grits lines that are noticeable, and will last longer on the ball. Grit lines are important as they serve the same purpose as treads on a tire to allow your ball to cut through the oil. Just like tire treads help cut through water.

The grit lines minimize the oil smearing around on the ball. Keeping the oil in place maximizes the performance of the ball. The ball will be more aggressive and repeatable.

This ball was finished with a Use-It by CtD 2000 Grit pad.

Use It 2000

This is a brand new ball that is finished with 2000 grit Abralon from the factory

abralon 2000

Go look at your bowling balls. Do you have grit lines in them or are they smooth?

The grit lines created by Use-It by CtD pad allows the ball to resist lane shine longer. How long?  A ball sanded with Use-It by CtD will hold the intended surface 3 to 5 times longer than other pads, resulting in more performance and a more consistent ball reaction.  

useit 2000 with light

Another way to Use-It to your advantage. You can purchase these pads that start at $5.95 each just click here.  



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