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By Danny Mack

We have had the pleasure of meeting Danny Mack several times over our journey.  Danny is a long time member of the TNBA and has been writing for the TNBA Magazine and TNBA Website for some time.  The following is a piece he wrote about our CEO Ronald Hickland Jr

Ron, as most of his friends and customers call him, is the most amazing young man that I have ever met. I have known him for several years as we both have been members of TNBA for years. He was so proud to let me know that he has been a member for 22 years. He offered to show me his original TNBA membership card dated 1996. For many years I would just stop by his display booth just to say hello to him and his dad, Ronald Hickland Sr.

Ron is well known in the Bowling World, having work for Ebonite Bowling Company for more than 14 years. During his tenure at Ebonite, he was the Director of Technology, designing the company’s lines of bowling balls, that included Hammer, Track, Ebonite and Columbia 300. I remember talking to his dad years ago. He told me that his son’s life goal was to design bowling balls. Well, I know now how the story ended: he made it happen. He went on to get a degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.

After leaving Ebonite International, Ron started his own company. There are so many good things that have happened in this young man’s life. I can’t come close to putting them in a few words. I am going to list some of the thing he has done. For more information on his products go to As I mentioned earlier, his company is Creating The Difference and focuses on education and innovation. They feature a line of ball cleaners with the star being That Purple Stuff. While waiting for him to return to his display booth at a tournament we were attedning, I turned to his partner, Ali Strader and said to her, "He is very smart." She replied, "He is too smart for his own good." I was struck by the remark because that is the same statement my wife’s sister says about her, Dr. Sandra Mack former National Parliamentarian for TNBA. After watching Ron on a national TV program showing the world how bowling ball are made, I knew at that moment he was a special person. If you really want to know more about Ron, go to his Facebook and Twitter page.

Together, Ron and his parter own Bowling Pro Shops in the Chicago area and run Creating the Difference. Ron is the most knowledgeable person in the bowling industry that I ever met; from designing the balls, drilling balls, coaching, conducting workshops and much more. When he explained to me how his products can change the reaction of a bowling ball, it was way over my head. His ball cleaner is approved by USBC to use during league play or tournaments. That Purple Stuff is here to stay for a long time. Ron has been supporting TNBA for many years. I could see his passion in his voice and in his eyes as I talked to him. Let’s keep supporting his company Creating The Difference.


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