Press Release - Creating the Difference Opens Bowling Store at Brunswick Zone River Grove

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Creating the Difference Opens Bowling Store at Brunswick Zone River Grove

December 22, 2016

Ronald Hickland’s company, Creating the Difference, is continuing to create a movement in the bowling industry by opening a third location in the Chicagoland area.  This new location spreads the Creating the Difference brand into the northwest suburbs.  This is the third bowling store Creating the Difference has opened in the past 10 months.  In an industry which is seeming to shrink, Hickland and team have found a way to thrive and grow.

The company’s core values are the acronym GROW and that is just what they are proving to do.  Hickland attributes the continued growth to their positive energy and desire to help:
“We have designed a company which is meant to be inclusive.  To be on our staff, you don’t have to average 230 or bowl the PBA tour.  We just want people with a  passion for bowling, positive attitude and desire to grow the sport.  This has created a staff of people who can stand behind our brand because they understand what we’re doing and want to help.  It was actually a staffer who let us know about the opportunity at River Grove.”

The Creating the Difference team is looking forward to servicing the 1400+ league bowlers currently active at Brunswick Zone at River Grove.  The new store will be managed by former collegiate bowler John Savoy. Savoy brings with him 8 years of drilling experience and years of time on the lanes.  He will be moving from the current store located at Lakewood Bowl in Richton Park.  Savoy is, “ready to help Creating the Difference grow and spread our knowledge to a new group of bowlers.”

With this move, Creating the Difference will also be bringing Devon Radford on full time as Director of Bowler Development.  Devon is a USBC Silver Level Certified coach and will be supporting all three locations by assisting with coaching lessons.  He will also take a more active role with Creating the Difference’s online coaching services; which include Facebook Live Coaching Sessions, Arsenal Reviews, Ball Selection and Layout services.  For more information on any of these services, visit

You can also visit their new Facebook page for more information about the River Grove Bowling Store.


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