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This product has been discontinued

Staff Exclusive

Over the last several years, CtD has continued to work on products to help bowlers.  One of our favorite products has been The Clear, a bowling ball performance accelerator.  It has been a big hit and a one of a kind product in the industry. We have spent the last 2 years working on ways to improve overall bowling ball performance. One result of that research has created a new product called Level Up.

What is Level Up?

Level Up is a bowling ball submersion product. It is a concentrated, performance improvement and protection product. It is safe to use on all reactive and urethane balls.  It is a CtD staff exclusive product. 

What it’s not.

It’s not a bowling ball cleaner.  It doesn’t change the surface of the ball. It doesn’t have an impact on cracking. It doesn’t require heat. It does not soften the ball, and it will not harm plug, inserts, grips, or slugs. It is not The Clear.

How long does a treatment last?

One treatment can last as long as 60 games on a reactive ball or as long as 10 games on a urethane ball.  It has no impact on polyester bowling balls.

How is Level Up Different From The Clear?

Level Up is concentrated in a 32 oz bottle, making dilution with water needed. Instead of using a specialty bucket, you can use a standard 5 gallon bucket available at any hardware store for treatment. The total dilution can be a minimum of 1 gallon to a maximum of 1.5 gallons of water with 32 ounces of Level Up added. This range in dilution will achieve the same level of performance and protection. This product can safely be used more often than The Clear.  The amount of time your ball needs to be submerged in Level up is 30 mins minimum up to one hour maximum.  If you leave your ball in longer there is no performance advantage.

Performance and Protection

Level Up increases the total hook and backend hook of a treated reactive ball by 10 to 13 boards. That’s a 30% increase over using The Clear.  Level Up has an emulsifier additive package that helps protect the ball from performance loss due to oil absorption. This additive package allows the ball to have the ability to be able to continue to emulsify new oil that is in contact with the ball after treatment. This means when cleaning the ball with That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner, you are able to more quickly and efficiently remove absorbed oil faster while protecting the ball and lessening the negative performance impact of oil absorption.  Level Up has tackifiers in it to help increase friction between the lane and ball as well.

Level up works on all Reactive bowling balls. You can use it on Urethane as well.  When used on a Urethane Ball, Level Up limits oil migration across the surface of the ball. Take a look at a picture of a ball after treatment.

This means a more consistent reaction shot after shot. Note, for this testing we didn't wipe the ball off.  Anytime you are bowling it is always recommended to wipe the ball off every shot.

Can I use both The Clear and Level Up?

You can; but, it is not needed. If you have The Clear, you can now begin to use Level Up instead. If you have used The Clear and like the performance of your bowling ball and do not want to increase it, you can continue to use The Clear. Level up will increase the performance more so than The Clear.

How to Properly Use Level Up

Step 1: Refinish

First, you will surface the ball to required specs.  See the sheet for details on properly bringing back the factory finish of a bowling ball. Click here to watch how to resurface a bowling ball.


Step 2: Submerge

Place the ball into an empty bucket up to 5 gallons with the thumb pointed up or the fingers up, if no thumb hole is drilled. Fill the bucket halfway with plain tap water. Then, pour all 32 oz of Level Up into the bucket and finally finish by filling the bucket to the top with water until you have a 1 inch circle around the thumb hole left dry. You will use about 5 quarts in a standard 5 gallon bucket


Step 3: Treat

Let the ball sit for up to one hour max. Place a CtD Absorption pad on top of the liquid to absorb and remove any oil or debris. Remove the used Absorption pad and throw away. Place the remaining Level Up solution in a sealed container. You can get a leakproof lid available here.

Step 4: Finish Up

Spray That Wow Factor HM on a reactive ball to remove any phasing that may occur. Note this will not occur on urethane bowling balls, and is not recommended or needed.


Do NOT leave this product out in the open.  Treat this product like any other household chemical and keep away from children and pets. Store at room temperature and do not expose it to extreme temperatures.  Do not drink.  Do not use this product if your bowling ball is cracked or otherwise damaged.  Do not use your bowling ball without making sure it is dry including the finger and thumb holes. Pour in slowly to avoid splashing. 

Can I Reuse It?

Level Up is reusable as long as you use the CtD Absorption pads every time to keep it clean. One quart will treat around 50 balls. You can add water until a maximum of 1.5 gallons of solution is made up. Adding more than 1.5 gallons of water will reduce the effectiveness of this product.  




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