NEW 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment and Personalized Name Tag

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CtD Launches NEW More Durable 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment and Personalized Name Tag: The Ultimate Solution for Bowlers that Travel

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Bowling bags are as diverse as the players who use them, ranging from sleek single-ball carriers to futuristic behemoths capable of holding six balls. Yet, for many serious bowlers, the trusty 3 ball roller tote reigns supreme, offering a perfect balance of portability and functionality. But what if you need to bring an extra ball without sacrificing the convenience of your go-to tote? Enter CtD's groundbreaking solution: the 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment. Best of all check out the Anodized Aluminum Name Tag Option!


The Dilemma: 3 Ball Limitation

While the 3 ball roller tote is beloved for its ease of transport and versatility, it does pose a challenge for bowlers who require a spare ball alongside their performance arsenal. As any seasoned bowler knows, having the right equipment is crucial for success on the lanes, and that includes covering the four essential types of ball motion which are Traction, Continuous, Angular, and Straight. However, fitting that crucial fourth ball into a standard tote can be a real headache, often resulting in the addition of another bag.

The Solution: CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote

CtD set out to revolutionize the bowling bag game by combining the convenience of a traditional 3 ball roller tote with the flexibility of an additional ball carrier. The result? A meticulously designed 4 Ball Roller Tote that seamlessly integrates a detachable single ball bag, providing ample space for all your bowling needs without sacrificing ease of transport. The bag is made out of 1680D Nylon and an EVA foam base to make it strong. With three 15 pound bowling balls, the bag weighs 49lbs - still light enough for airline travel without the fees.  

How It Works: Convenience Meets Versatility

Using a secure six-part restraining system comprising four buckles and two reinforced extended handles, the CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment and Personalized Name Tag ensures that your additional ball stays safe and secure during transit. The single ball bag attaches effortlessly to the top of the roller tote, offering both convenience and peace of mind.  


Practical Usage: Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you're gearing up for a tournament or simply hitting the lanes for league, using the CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote is a breeze:

Release the single ball bag from the straps and buckles.

Unzip the roller tote and place the additional ball in the designated spot.

Load the roller tote with your remaining balls, ensuring each is securely in place.

Reattach the single ball bag to the top of the roller tote using the provided buckles.

Zip up the bag and secure the handles around the single ball bag.

Traveling with Ease: Tips for Air Travel

For bowlers on the go, the CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment and Personalized Name Tag is a game-changer. When traveling by plane, simply detach the top bag and stow the three main balls in the roller tote, leaving space in your checked luggage for the fourth ball. Upon arrival, reattach the single ball bag using the buckle and straps provided, ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Safety First: Handling Tips

With great convenience comes great responsibility. When transporting the CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment, it's essential to load and unload the bags separately to prevent strain and accidents. Additionally, always ensure that all four buckles and two straps are securely attached before moving the bag.

In conclusion, the CtD 3-Ball Roller Tote with Optional Single Bag Attachment and Personalized Name Tag represents a true innovation in the world of bowling accessories, offering bowlers the flexibility and convenience they need to perform at their best. Say goodbye to scratched-up equipment and hello to effortless transport and peace of mind. With CtD's latest creation, you'll never have to leave a ball behind again, or be confused which roller tote bag is YOURS!

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