CtD Launches Dry Pad Pro: A Better Towel for Use While Bowling

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If you don't like reading, watch a video on this unique product. Available here for $24.95 https://ctdbowling.com/products/ctd-dry-pad-pro


Since Aug 1st 2019, bowlers have not been allowed to clean their bowling ball with any sort of cleaner during competition. The rule says you can only use a dry towel after the first ball of competition has been thrown. CtD had the BFP (Big Fluffy Pad) option available. The front layer of material is highly absorbent and removes the oil and dirt from the ball surface while bowling. This product is also machine washable. 

There was however, another problem that existed: Scuff Marks. These are black pieces of material that stick to the ball and can destroy performance and add inconsistency to a ball reaction. The current leather towel options, as well as the BFP, just aren’t designed to remove these scuff marks.  Many scuff marks are so bad that even a strong ball cleaner can’t take them off without some serious scrubbing. In response to this, CtD launched the TruCut Scuff Mark Remover. When paired with So Fresh and So Clean, it is the ultimate duo to remove scuff marks with ease. Watch this video as we clean what might be the dirtiest bowling ball ever.  



This solves the problem before or after bowling but what about WHILE you are bowling?  CtD set out to solve this problem. After 8 months of R&D, we are ready to announce CtD Dry Pad Pro. This is the next innovation in pads for use DURING competition. The CtD Dry Pad Pro is a dual sided mitt. One side is a bristle infused towel designed to break up scuff marks. The other side is an ultra high absorbent microfiber.

The non abrasive bristles are stiff enough to break down scuff marks, but will not scratch or change the surface of the ball.  These bristles are combined with a super absorbent cross blend material which quickly removes oil and the residual scuff marks from the surface of the ball.  This leaves your ball as clean as possible during competition. This product should be used between every shot to keep your reaction consistent.

It's safe to use DURING competition. Do not use a ball cleaner with this product. It is meant to be used dry. To care for this product, you can machine wash and air dry.  

Click Here to watch this product in action.

You can order the CtD Dry Pad Pro here: https://ctdbowling.com/products/ctd-dry-pad-pro


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