Creating The Difference Becomes First Bowling Company to Pay a PBA Player in Bitcoin

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Creating the Difference (CTD) was founded in 2015 and has been a sponsor of the Professional Bowlers Association since 2018.  In 2020, they signed PBA superstar EJ Tackett to a professional staff contract.  In 2021 EJ won the PBA/PWBA Storm Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles for his 14th Professional title.  

This year EJ came down to the CtD Education Center in Hopkinsville, KY to participate in a series of special events exclusively for the staff members of CTD; which included some one on one time with him.  While visiting, he shot a series of educational videos which can be found on the CTD YouTube Channel: Ronald Hickland Jr The staff said they learned a lot and had an absolute blast with EJ.  He is also a key member of CTD’s growing staff group as he interacts with the 4200+ staffers in a private group.

For 2022, CTD will have several new opportunities for the staff to interact with and learn from EJ. He has agreed to give the CTD Staff a chance to bowl against him for $1000 in a CtD Challenge Match.  As well as the opportunity to bowl a member/non member PBA event.  CTD looks forward to helping EJ succeed by providing him with new innovative products, like the recently released Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner plus Life Extender.  In addition, CTD will be launching some new sanding products through their TruCut line. CTD will also be expanding it's partnership with Turtle Wax with a new innovative product. As part of the professional sponsorship agreement, EJ will now wear the CTD logo on the front of his jersey instead of on the sleeve. 

In a unique twist, EJ and CTD have come to an agreement to compensate EJ using Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency and is currently the most popular form.  Athletes in other sports have begun opting to take their salaries in Bitcoin.  However, this is the first time it’s being done in bowling. 

"As a company with a passion for innovation and embracing new technology, we see cryptocurrency; and Bitcoin especially, as the future for transactions. There is a lot of upside as people become more aware of this emerging technology. This is a win-win for everyone" said Ronald Hickland Jr, CEO of Creating the Difference. He continued, “It was actually EJ’s idea to be paid using Bitcoin. He was curious if we would be interested. As someone who has been in the space for several years, I thought this was a great idea that could potentially help EJ not only now but long-term."  

Tackett stated, "Ron and his team are on the forefront of innovation and technology. This opportunity allows me to not only capitalize on my bowling ability now, but it allows me to have an investment in the future.” 

Creating the Difference is an educational company based in Hopkinsville, KY which offers products and services to help bowlers become better. For more information visit


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