Bowling Ball Factory Finish to TruCut Finishing Guide

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Creating the Difference has continued to develop and update its Manufacturer to TruCut Finishing Guide.

As new products come out, such as 4000 grit TruCut or the Premium Polishing Pad, we will use this blog and the attachments to keep you updated on how to get return a bowling ball back to the manufacturer's recommended finish. As TruCut adds new products, manufacturers also continue to update how they finish a bowling ball. We will add new variations as they become available to test.

It is important to note that you can't repeat a factory finish. As a result, we recommend that you surface a brand new bowling ball using this guide to establish a repeatable and consistent surface.

Watch this video to understand why:

We continue to understand more about the variations from each brand and will continue to update our surfacing recommendations to reflect what we have learned.  We also use a more advanced ball scanning machine to test balls as we evaluate them for ball reviews.

Here are some examples of the variations we have seen in products:


Now that you have a better understanding of variations, here is the finishing guide for each of the major brands. Note for best results use TruCut Conditioner.


Here is a video on how to finish a bowling ball by hand:

 Here is a video on how to resurface a bowling ball:

For more information make sure you check out our YouTube Channel 

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  • What a great resource! I wish some of this information was a little easier to find… possibly group past blogs by topic? Thanks for all you do to Create the Difference in bowling! #teamCtD

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