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Everyone can agree that the bowling ball’s surface is the number one way to change the performance of a bowling ball.  Surface adjustment is one of the least understood topics for most bowlers. One of the challenges with today's competitive environment is being able to change the surface of a bowling ball lane side. In 2018, Creating The Difference introduced TruCut sanding pads - a sanding pad specifically made to cut a bowling ball at the number listed on the pad. They are easy to use and can be used by hand - dry or wet, as well as on a bowling ball spinner.  To understand the impact of surface adjustments, you need to first learn about the 4 types of ball motions. Here is a quick video to show them and how surface adjustments have an impact.

TruCut sanding pads come in grits of 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, and the innovative P5000D. P5000D grit gives you a 4000 grit finish when used by hand or a 5000 grit (shiny) finish when used with a ball spinner. Now that we have explained how to sand a ball for surface adjustments, let’s move on to polish.

TruCut by CtD Surface Finishes


Here are some things to consider in order to determine if polishing your bowling ball is a better alternative for surface adjustment:

  • Do you throw the ball slow?
  • Are the lanes hooking too much?
  • Do you have a lot of revolutions on the ball?
  • Do you always have to stand far to the left and throw it right (right handed)?
  • Do you struggle when the lanes break down?
  • Are you always having to use lower end hooking bowling balls?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider having a bowling ball polish to help you to change your bowling ball reaction.

Most current bowling ball polishes are really designed to be used with a ball spinner or in a pro shop. Those that claim to be used by hand tend to be very messy, leave a haze that needs to be wiped off, clog the pores of reactive bowling balls, or are not very effective at actually polishing the bowling ball. In short, there currently is not a good way to polish up a bowling ball by hand lane side.  So what happens when you are about to bowl and find out the lanes are hooking or the balls you brought are too aggressive? The current best option is to go to the Pro Shop and have them polish your bowling ball with a ball spinner. What if there isn't a pro shop available? You could also use a bowling ball polish machine in the bowling center if they have one, but they are not made for reactive bowling balls. Read what it says right on the machine.

Brunswick Lustre Kleen Custom Ball Conditioner

In fact, if you go look in the machine, you’ll see a white bar material. That's a wax and it will coat your bowling ball and clog the pores. This is really, really bad for a reactive bowling ball. It will make your ball skid and the hook will be very inconsistent as the coating of wax quickly wears off. Plus, once the pores are clogged it is going to take a full resurface to get them unclogged. Watch this video and remember. Wax your car NOT your bowling ball.

The Solution: Find an Expert in Polish Technology

Noticing there was a gap in performance from 4000 grit to a higher number by hand, Creating the Difference decided to look for a partner with a rich history of innovating in polishing technology to develop a new type of polish for bowling balls.  Our goal was to create a polish which could be used quickly and effectively by hand. We found an expert in the Turtle Wax Corporation; a recognized industry leader in polishing technology and innovation. We asked for their help in developing a specialty polish for bowling balls.  

Our objectives with this polish were clear:

  • Clean & Polish the ball quickly
  • Create a long lasting shine
  • Be easy to use without the haze
  • Not clog the pores of a reactive bowling ball
  • Work on all types of bowling ball coverstocks
  • Create a long and angular bowling ball motion

After a little less than a year of development and testing. The result is co-branded product called TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax.  

How Does it Work?

When combined with the all new CtD Polishing Pad, TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax uses a unique chemical blend of fine cutting ingredients and powerful cleaning agents to provide a high polished finish to any performance bowling ball.  This finish adds additional length and creates an angular ball motion. You can quickly polish a bowling ball with a 4000 or 5000 grit base finish to produce up to a 5500 grit highly polished finish by hand. This product is also safe to use with a bowling ball spinner.  When used on four sides for 30 seconds on a bowling ball spinner you can polish a bowling ball to an impressive 6200 grit ultra polished finish. This provides maximum length and backend reaction. TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered By Turtle Wax has been designed to polish all types of coverstocks including the tough to polish, old school conventional urethane. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone with a polished bowling ball who wants to maintain the polished finish from the factory and increase performance.

Why Polish a Bowling Ball?

When a bowling ball comes from the factory with a polished finish, that factory polish can wear off in as little as 6 to 12 games. This can change the reaction of your bowling ball making it hook earlier and less in the backend of the lane.  This means you can hit the pocket with less entry angle making it harder to strike and leave more corner pins. Having the ability to polish your bowling ball by hand keeps your bowling ball looking new and your reaction more consistent.

Who should use TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax?

If you bowl league or tournaments, this is a product you should have in your bag. TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax is a perfect choice for someone who needs more length and backend performance from a sanded or polished bowling ball. Having this product in your bag is like bringing another bowling ball option to league or a tournament without all the additional weight. We were recently at the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational Bowling Tournament. A high profile Professional Bowler had a brand new Storm Crux Prime bowling ball. He was using it on the practice pair and struggling to get it down the lane and react on the backend with the factory sanded 2000 grit dull surface. When his bowling ball rep mentioned the issue to me, I told him I had a new type of polish made for bowling balls which could be used by hand. The ball rep handed me the ball and I polished it up. Using the TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax and a CtD Polish Pad, the ball shined right up and provided the needed length and backend reaction the professional bowler was looking for. He ended up using the ball on TV with a great ball reaction during the event.  If you take bowling seriously, this is a competitive advantage you should consider adding to your bag.

Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball Before TruCut Hand Applied Polish

Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball After TruCut Hand Applied Ball Polish

How often do you need to use TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax?

This product has been designed to last a long time. You can use it anytime your polished bowling ball begins to dull itself from use.  We recommend a regular touch-up with the polish every 15 to 18 games.

How to Apply TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax

  1. For best results, prepare the ball surface by sanding by hand with TruCut 3000 grit sanding pad followed by TruCut P5000D sanding pad.  
    1. If you have a new ball with a grit that is 2000 or less OR you’re using a ball that was previously sanded below 2000 grit, you’ll need to take an additional step to prep the surface.  Use 2000 grit sanding pad first to bring the surface up, followed with 3000 grit, and P5000D sanding pads.
    2. This set of grits is called a TruCut 3 Pack High and can be purchased here.  
  2. Next, squeeze a 1¼ inch circle of product onto a CtD Polishing Pad and apply to the ball in circular motions on the side first and then the top of half of the ball.  
  3. Then, flip the ball over and repeat.
  4. After both sides are done. Use That Purple Stuff or That Wow Factor Bowling Ball Cleaner to wipe off any excess product.  

Here is a video to show you when and how to use TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered By Turtle Wax

Remember this product can be used before or after competition but not during.

What type of bowling ball can I use this on?

This product can be used on any surface bowling ball.

  • Rubber ✔
  • Plastic ✔
  • Urethane ✔
  • Reactive ✔
  • Particle bowling balls ✔

How Much Does It Cost and Where Can I Get It?

TruCut Hand Applied Polish comes in a 32oz bottle for $32.95 available here.  It is designed to last an entire bowling season.  We also include, as a bonus a 4oz bottle with each purchase. This makes the polish travel friendly.  Be sure to place it in your checked luggage and not your carry on. 


In addition we have some new combination packages for every level bowler.  

The Starter Kit is available here for $19.95. It comes with a 4oz bottle of polish and a special synthetic fiber CtD Polishing pad. This pad was made to be used with the polish for maximum performance.  The polishing pad can be washed and reused.


The Polish Ball Maintenance Kit is available here for $24.95.   It comes with a 4oz bottle of polish, a CtD Polishing pad, and a CtD bowling ball holder. 


TruCut Advanced Ball Maintenance System is available here for $54.95.  It comes with a 4oz That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner, A CtD Power Pad, a 4oz bottle of polish, a CtD Polishing Pad, a 6 pack of TruCut Sanding Pads, and a CtD bowling ball holder

Whether you’re looking to maintain the surface of your polished ball or you want to polish your sanded bowling ball. Creating the Difference and the TruCut brand now offer a complete line of innovative products designed to change the surface of your bowling ball and fully maximize the range of bowling ball performance.

How to Clean the CtD Polishing Pad and Shelf Life

Simply use dish washing detergent to break up the dirt in the sink. Rinse thoroughly then machine wash on normal cycle. When finish let air dry. Here is a video on how to clean any CtD cleaning pad.  As with any cleaner or polish do not let it freeze. TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax has a shelf life is 1- 3 years depending on how it is stored.

Turtle Wax

Remember when we said “Wax your car NOT your bowling ball?” Well our friends at Turtle Wax can help you out with waxing your car. Make sure you check out their complete line of car care products.

Available Here Turtle Wax

Professional Tip

If you want a more aggressive polished reaction, polish the ball with TruCut Hand Applied Polish powered by Turtle Wax by hand first.

Then watch this video:

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