Which Bowling Ball Is Best To Replace the Storm Spectre?

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By Dustin Zehner

On March 14th, 2022, USBC revoked the approval of the Storm Spectre Bowling Ball. The approval was revoked because the hardness on their test balls fell below 73D on the Shore D Hardness Scale which is the spec for hardness put in place by the USBC. You can read their findings here. For more information on bowling ball hardness, click here. A week later on March 21st 2022, Storm announced the resolution for customers that purchased a Spectre. They are offering their customers that purchased a Spectre and have it drilled, a $50 drilling credit to their pro shop and the choice of one of the following bowling balls.

  • Storm Hyroad
  • Storm Hyroad Pearl
  • Storm Pitch Black
  • 900 Global Wolverine
  • Roto Grip Rubicon UC2
  • Roto Grip Rubicon UC3
  • Roto Grip Idol Helios

Our goal at Creating the Difference is to educate bowlers to help them learn more about bowling and also help grow the sport. We decided to set out to see which ball they are offering will be the closest offering to the Spectre.

Here is the comparison between all of the bowling balls. We have included the core numbers compared to the Spectre as well as the ball motions of each piece.

From looking at the specs of each bowling ball, the 900 Global Wolverine is the closest to the Spectre. It has the same RG, 0.003 points off on the differential, and they fall into the same ball motion category. REMEMBER: The ball motions of these bowling balls may change after the ball is drilled. This is due to the core numbers changing after drilling and we may see some minor changes once the ball is thrown. We will see a larger performance change by changing the surface of the bowling ball. TruCut Sanding Pads can be purchased HERE.

What do these bowling balls look like when they are thrown compared to the Spectre? All bowling balls are brand new, use the balls box finish, and are thrown on a fresh oil pattern. Our player in the video below has a ball speed of 17 MPH and a rev rate of 300.


Performance Video

Spectre and 7 Replacements thrown on a house shot

Spectre and 7 Replacements thrown on a sport shot

Judging by the performance in the videos the 900 Global Wolverine would be the closest replacement to the Spectre. All of the bowling balls are great options depending on if you are looking for a direct replacement for the Spectre or you are looking to fill a hole you may have in your arsenal.

We applaud Storm for being on top of the situation to take care of customers that have a Spectre. To replace your Spectre through Storm CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

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