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What You Need To Know About the New Rules in Bowling

Posted by Ronald Hickland on

Effective August 1st, 2019, you are only allowed to use a dry towel during competition. This includes any league or tournament that is USBC sanctioned. You should wipe your bowling ball off every shot to get keep your ball reaction consistent. Here is a quick video showing why it's important to wipe your bowling ball off every shot. So what happens if you get something on your bowling ball that a dry towel won't remove?  The most common situation is a black scuff mark like what you see on this all gold ball.  You aren't getting that off with a dry...

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Selecting a Tournament Arsenal - Junior Gold Series

Posted by CtD Staffing on

By Dustin Zehner, 2016 U20 Junior Gold Runner-Up One of the hardest decisions any Junior Gold bowler has to make is what bowling balls to bring after the practice sessions. There are a number of different components that need to be taken into account when choosing your arsenal. So let's talk about the different types of ball motion, how different surface prep can affect ball motion, and finally building your final arsenal for the tournament. The 4 Types of Ball Motion in Bowling The first step in building your arsenal is understanding the different balls on the market.  With the large...

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