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Tuesday was the annual Industry Showcase.  We were able to throw almost all new and upcoming releases from Brunswick, Radical, DV8, Storm, Rotogrip, 900 Global, Hammer, Track, Columbia 300 and Ebonite.  These were the only companies allowed at the showcase. 

During the showcase, we had the same tester throw all of the balls.  Here are the specs on our tester:

  • Right-handed
  • Ball Speed: 18.5
  • Rev Rate: 400
  • Axis Rotation: 45 degrees
  • Axis Tilt: 10 degrees

We used his feedback, the information released by the manufacturers, as well as what we saw on the lanes from other bowlers to come up with the information below.

To better understand the 4 Types of Ball Motion,  check out this video:

Here are the Top Picks from Creating the Difference:
Traction – Rotogrip No Rules Exist and 900 Global Inception DCT
Continuous – Brunswick Fanatic BTU Pearl, Rotogrip Show Off and Track Kinetic Ruby
Angular – DV8 Creed and Radical Quick Fix

For a full review of all the balls we tested, continue reading.

Brunswick –

Brunswick Classic Black Quantum is built as an angular ball; however, it is smoother than the other angular products in the line.

Brunswick Magnitude 035 is a continuous ball that exhibits the qualities of a benchmark ball.

Brunswick Vintage Inferno is built as a continuous ball that would be best used on flatter patterns or when you really need to control the reaction.

Brunswick Fanatic BTU Pearl is also a continuous ball.  This is one you should have in your bag.  It may not get in play a lot, but when it is, you’ll be glad you have it.  It’s easy to control on shorter patterns or flatter patterns.

DV8 –

Pitbull Growl is the next traction ball in this line.  It will be a good ball on heavy oil.  You can use this ball for one or two games max.

Rumor is built as an angular ball for lighter oil conditions.

Creed is a good versatile angular ball which can be used all three games.  It’s angular but still controllable.

Freakshow Flip is built as an angular ball but it plays very smooth and is easy to control.

Radical –

Quick Fix is an angular ball that is versatile.  It could be used for multiple games.

Tremendous is built as a traction ball according to the Radical website.  Unfortunately, we were not able to test this one at the showcase.

900 Global –

Inception Redux is built as a traction ball and it plays really smooth.

Covert Ops is a traction ball which can be used for heavy oil.

Inception DCT is a traction ball that offers a lot of versatility.  Our tester was a fan of this ball.

Honey Badger is built as a continuous ball.  Unfortunately, we were unable to test this one at the showcase.

Storm –

Code Red is built as an angular ball.  Our tester found it to be more controllable than you would expect from an angular ball.

Expo ’17 was a surprise ball.  It was bright green with a citrusy scent.  It was a nice continuous ball that recovered very well.  We’ll have to see what they name this one when it releases.

Rotogrip –

No Rules Exist is basically the same as the No Rules.  If you liked the No Rules, this is the ball for you.  It’s a good traction ball that was nice and easy to control.

Hot Cell is the new Urethane release from Rotogrip.  It should roll like a traction ball.  This one was not at the Industry Showcase.  However, you can check out the Facebook Live we did with Chris Schlemer discussing his thoughts on this ball.

Show Off is built as a continuous ball.  Although we weren’t able to throw this one, we did see it go down the lane.  Rotogrip Pro Staffer Anthony Simonsen was a big fan of how easy it was to control the reaction with this ball.

Hammer –

Diesel is built as a continuous ball.  This ball will work best on heavy oil.  At the point when we were able to throw this ball, the lanes were breaking down and our tester found it very hard to control.

The Vibe balls were not available for testing at the Industry Showcase.

Ebonite –

Ebonite hasn’t yet published the specs on the Matrix.  However, it showed a similar performance to the Diesel.  We tested it as the lanes were breaking down and our tester found it hard to control the reaction.

Ebonite also had a ball which hasn’t been announced.   All we know is that it was a dull finish.  We tested this one on the fresh oil.  It appeared to hook a little earlier than some of the other balls we tested.

Track –

Kinetic Ruby is the newest release in the Kinetic line.  It was one of the favorite balls of the day by both our tester as well as Ebonite Pro Staffer Ronnie Russell.  It’s built as a continuous ball and should be a versatile addition to your arsenal which can be used on multiple conditions.  We threw this one before and after the lanes were oiled and found it easy to be controlled.

Track also had a secret ball with a pearl finish.  Although we don’t have the specs or the name, this one seemed to show a continuous ball motion.  It was easy to control and our tester liked it.

Columbia 300 –

Juke is built as a continuous ball.  After talking to the people throwing this one, it seems to be a ball which is easily controllable and likely a good ball for a league bowler.

Have you thrown any of the balls on the list?  What did you think of them?

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