That Purple Stuff + That Wow Factor TR Combo

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Combo includes:

  • 8 oz bottle of That Purple Stuff
  • 4 oz bottle of That Wow Factor TR (Transition Reducer)

This combo is made to keep you striking right through the transition.

First, apply That Purple Stuff to a CtD Power Pad and wipe the ball off every shot until the lanes start to break down.  Then switch to That Wow Factor TR on a different CtD Power Pad and wipe the ball off every shot.  That Wow Factor TR will help the ball go longer and still get a good angle into the pocket. 

This means you can stay in the same spot all night long without having to figure out how much of a move to make in order to keep striking.

If you don't like the reaction you're getting from That Wow Factor TR, simply wipe it off with That Purple Stuff!

**CtD Power Pads sold separately