CtD Shammy

By Creating the Difference

$ 15.95 $ 17.00
CtD introduces the next advancement in bowling cleaning pad technology with the CtD Shammy.  This new dual cleaning pad has 2 cleaning fabrics with different purposes.  The microfiber side deep cleans your ball and helps get the belt marks off. When used in conjunction with That Purple Stuff maintains consistent performance shot after shot.  There is also an absorbent layer in the middle of the pad which helps to hold That Purple Stuff in the pad and ensure the cleaner lasts while bowling.  The new sherpa suede side cleans the ball topically, for when you are bowling on drier lane conditions, but still want a consistent reaction.  It gets the oil off and cleans the surface of your ball.  It can also be used to wipe off the bottom of your shoe to remove surface dust, powder and dirt.
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