Roto Grip TNT

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Cover –
eTrax PLUS Solid Reactive = Roto Grip has never used this in the solid form before…This cover is overall stronger than original eTrax in terms of traction and response, but it’s not as early and aggressive as say MicroTrax or XtremeTrax…

Core –
Torpex Core = New Core Technology featuring Torque Sphere Technology (Like a power ball)…. Something RG hasn’t used since 2014 in the Unhinged & Hysteria…. The Torque Sphere will create a different type of continuation down lane since it is placed just above the inner equator. Not to mention this is now the lowest RG symmetrical part Roto Grip has in the line.

Where It Fits –
Designed to be the “Benchmark Ball” everyone needs… best example is like the old original IDOL, only better due the cover not being as early. There will be traction in oil along with the continuation down lane no matter the number of revolutions.

Color Amber/Fire/Blaze Orange
Core Torpex Core
Coverstock ETrax Plus Solid
Factory Finish 2000 Grit Abralon
Weights 12-16 lbs
Ball Motion Continuous