Level Up Remix Performance Enhancer Kit

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Level Up Remix incorporates the Tackify additive and emulsifier package found in their Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner. Tackify is a resin that replaces the slippery plasticizer found in reactive bowling balls. Plasticizer aids in performance loss over time.  Unlike Life After Death, Level Up Remix is NOT a bowling ball cleaner, it is a bowling ball performance improvement product. It requires submersion to work and takes one hour max to restore performance.  With the Tackify additive, Level Up Remix improves performance across the board in terms of longevity, and resistance to ball death compared to other restoration products. The emulsifiers in this product help with controlling oil smear on Urethane and Polyester balls. This can help improve ball shot consistency.

Level Up Remix is ultra concentrated in a 32 oz bottle. 

Check out the full blog for more information: https://ctdbowling.com/blogs/news/ctd-launches-level-up-remix-performance-restoration-system


Do NOT leave this product out in the open. Do not leave your bowling ball in Level Up Remix for more than one hour.  Treat this product like any other household chemical and keep away from children and pets. Store at room temperature and do not expose it to extreme temperatures. Temperatures less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the material to freeze.  Do not drink.  Do not use this product if your bowling ball is cracked or otherwise damaged.  Do not use your bowling ball without making sure it is dry including the finger and thumb holes. Pour in slowly to avoid splashing. 

Kit includes:

  • 32 oz Level Up Remix Performance Enhancer
  • Bucket with lid
  • 4 oz That Wow Factor HM
  • 5" 6 pack of TruCut Sanding Pads
  • 6 pack of CtD Absorption Pads


1. Refinish the bowling ball to the desired surface.

2. Place the bowling ball into the bucket with thumb hole up.  Pour Level Up Remix around the bowling ball.  Then fill with water until the ball is covered within an inch of the thumb hole.

3. Leave bowling ball in solution for max of 1 hour.  Use a CtD Absorption Pad to remove any dirt, oil or debris that has risen to the surface of the material.

4. Carefully remove the bowling ball allow any moisture in finger holes or thumb hole to pour back into the bucket.  Spray bowling ball with That Wow Factor HM to reduce phasing (lightening) of the bowling ball.

Note: Do not use bowling ball until all holes are completely dry.