Bowling Ball Selection & Layout

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If you need help selecting the right bowling ball for your game, this product will give you a layout and surface for a brand new ball customized to your style of play.  We use video analysis, 3D modeling software and measurements to determine which ball is best for you.

Once you purchase this product, here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Take pictures of your current arsenal from 3 different angles

  • Logo Up
  • Thumb Hole Up
  • Center of Span Up

Step 2: Place a piece of 1″ white bowler’s tape approximately 5″ to the right of the center of grip (for right handed players – left for left handed players). Take a video of yourself bowling. The video should highlight your release and the direction with which you are throwing the ball.

Step 3: Send this information via email to In the email, you should include:

  • Your phone number and 3 dates/times which are best for Ron to call you
  • Your PAP (if you know it)
  • Your favorite ball and why
  • Your least favorite ball and why
  • What gap are you looking for this ball to fill in your current arsenal, i.e. go longer, hook more, etc? 

Step 4: After the phone consultation, Ron will evaluate your arsenal and provide you with a new ball recommendation and layout.